Cheap Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, you don’t need to blow your budget to create a spooky atmosphere. Halloween decorations are easy to make yourself and supplies can be bought very cheaply. If you’ve got kids, getting them to help you make the decorations is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy together and the result will be scary enough to impress all the witches ghouls and ghosts that attend your party.

Halloween lighting

Getting the lighting right is one of the key aspects to creating a spooky Halloween atmosphere. You need enough light to see by but basically, the darker, the better!

Carving some pumpkin jack-o-lanterns and displaying them in your window, at your front door, and as a Halloween table centerpiece is a traditional, cheap and easy way to create a Halloween atmosphere in your home.

If you don’t have time to carve lots of lanterns out of pumpkins, or you just want to add to the overall effect, Halloween paper lanterns are also really effective. I love these paper bag lanterns that are really cheap and effective and made from special flame retardant paper. You could also make your own out of normal paper bags but don’t put proper candles inside as this could be a fire risk – use a torch or some electric tea lights┬áinstead.



In addition to lanterns, candles always look very spooky on Halloween but they can be a fire risk. Make sure you put all candles in suitable holders or use battery-powered LED candles instead. These come in various different colours so you can create some really atmospheric looks:

41hS2PkciiLbuy1._V192240163_You can also give your existing home lighting a spooky look by covering lamp shades in orange tissue or crepe paper, or replacing your existing lampshades with some Halloween ones like these:

41VZmE8hkrLbuy1._V192240163_These are also great hung up without lights in just as normal decorations. If you’re really short on cash and feeling crafty, you can buy plain white paper lamp shades and paint them or cover them with tissue paper to decorate them

halloween party decorations

Remember you don’t want to make your house too scary if you’re hosting a party for young children! If this is the case, create a festive mood by hanging up lots of black and orange balloons and make some easy party streamers and garlands out of black and orange crepe paper.31a3I3gAH-Lbuy1._V192240163_If you’re hosting a Halloween party for older children, teenagers or adults, then you can have a bit more fun and make your house as scary as you dare! Creating a haunted house atmosphere inside your home is much cheaper and easier than you might think.

Fake cobwebs are very inexpensive and effective. This one even comes with a free spider included! You simply stretch it out until it’s web-like and drape it over the area you want to look cobwebby. One packet covers up to 40 square feet!4119vD3dNrLbuy1._V192240163_Another very inexpensive decorating idea is to put up some spooky portraits on the wall, or cover the pictures in your existing frames with scary pictures. These Gothic Mansion Portraits are very cheap and easily transform any home into a spooky haunted house. Alternatively you could create your own portraits using photos of family members, edited to look like zombies or vampires – Picmonkey has a free online set of Halloween tools to do this easily using your own photos.



Halloween table decorations

It’s worth putting a bit of thought into how you display your halloween party food. Of course the most effective way to make your Halloween feast look good is by making creepy-looking food. Check out this post for some ideas and inspiration.

As already mentioned, a pumpkin jack-o-lantern makes a great table centerpiece and you can also use hollowed out pumpkins for serving soup and other savoury dishes.

A simple black table cloth is often very effective or you could use a special printed Halloween tablecloth like this cobweb one or even this one dripping with blood:



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