Places to Go for Halloween in the UK 2015

If you’re getting bored of hosting Halloween parties and want to do something different this year, there are loads of spooky Halloween attractions held over the UK, ranging from family-friendly events to super scary experiences.

If you have kids and are worried about the safety of trick-or-treating, going to one of these organised Halloween events is a great alternative and they’re always lots of fun. Unless you’re a millionaire you probably won’t have the time or budget to organise something on the scale of a public Halloween event so they’re always well worth attending if there’s something going on in your area.

Even if you don’t have kids but you love watching horror movies and being scared, there are some terrifying adult Halloween events like haunted houses and Halloween experiences, some of which run year round.

Here’s a roundup of the biggest and best Halloween attractions in the UK this year so you can find something going on near you:

Scare Kingdom Scream Park – Blackburn

Scare Kingdom is an annual Halloween theme park for adults and older teenagers only (only kids over the age of 14 may enter). As you might imagine from the age restrictions, this is no silly funny Halloween attraction but a full-on fear fest, designed to make even the most hardened thrill seekers quake in their boots.

This attraction features live actors and special effects over seven different attractions (the 7 deadly sins). The park has been seized by the ‘Ministry of Fear’ with a manifesto to destroy humanity using fear itself as a weapon.

The park is located at Hawkshaw Farm Park between October 3rd and November 7th 2015. Check the website for the full list of dates, prices and opening times.

Scare Kingdom also hosts “Horror Camp Live”, the UK’s first horror simulation campsite, inspired by movies like The Blair Witch Project and Friday the 13th. Suitable only for people aged 18+, this horrifying experience is sure to make a lasting impression.

To book Scare Kingdom Scream Park or Horror Camp Live and find out more information about the experience, visit

Terror Mountain – Aberystwyth

Terror Mountain is a terrifying live-action Halloween experience just outside Aberystwyth in Wales, held on selected dates in October. The event includes three horror experiences, designed to make you the star of your very own Halloween movie: Wild Wood, Virus and Cursed. Kids over 12 are allowed, however under-16s must be accompanied by an adult and it’s not recommended for kids under 14 – use your own judgement.

See for more info and to book tickets.

Dr Fright’s Halloween Nights -Northamptonshire

This annual walk-through Halloween attraction has rave reviews and this year’s, based on the theme of “American Nightmares”, promises to be bigger and scarier than ever before. Expect live actors in terrifying costumes, creepy sound effects, spooky lights and a Halloween experience that promises tricks and treats all night.

Attractions this year include:

  • Amityville, America’s most famous haunted house
  • A Nightmare on Main Street, featuring a crashed comet and alien plague
  • Carny Carnage freakshow and trailer park
  • Hollywood Horror, putting you inside some of Hollywood’s most iconic horror movies
  • Tequila Twister – a Dusk Til Dawn inspired horror bar

See for full details and ticketing info.

Fear Fest – Chepstow

Another terrifying interactive Halloween experience, based at the National Diving & Activity Centre. The event is based on the legend of The Four Linesmen in Tidenham quarry, who disappeared during a flash flood in October 1958 while they were working on the railway line. Local people have reported sightings of ghostly figures who push walkers who wander too close to the edge and other paranormal events such as the sound of a young girl screaming are said to increase every year around the anniversary of the tragedy.

Attractions include:

  • The Gruesome Graveyard
  • Track of Terror
  • The Scream Sewer
  • Morbid Manor
  • The Island of Dolls
  • Death Wire

Tickets can be booked at and you can also see more videos and information about the attractions there. This is a really scary experience that’s only intended for people aged 16+ and is not suitable for those of a nervous disposition! The event runs from the 16th of October (the anniversary of the flood) until the 1st of November.

Bodmin Jail Ghost Walk


This annual ghost walk is held on four dates in October and November, including on Halloween night itself. The night starts at 10.30pm and is hosted by an experienced psychic medium who will take groups through different areas of the prison and attempt to pick up on any paranormal activity. This is a full-night event that lasts until 7am the next morning and only people aged 18+ are permitted to take part.

See full details and book on the Bodmin Jail website

Halloween Spooktacular – Sheffield

This family friendly event is designed to be fun, not scary, so it’s ideal for young kids. Held annually at the Tropical Butterfly House, you can visit from the 24th of October until 1st November 2015, 10am – 5pm.

The attraction includes a freaky forest with ghosts and monsters, a haunted hayride, creepy cottage, witch and haunted house.

There are also bird shows hosted by Halloween pirates, pumpkin carving and other craft activities and fancy dress competitions.

See the Butterfly House website for full details

Hellgate Winter Gardens – Margate

thumb_15751__media-gallery-imageEach Halloween, Margate Winter Gardens in Kent is transformed into Hellgate Winter Gardens featuring three immersive Halloween experiences – “Quarantine”, “Dead Meat”, and “Buried Alive” – that follow on from last year’s zombie apocalypse event.

As well as the experiences the attraction includes a “Bloody Boulevard” with scary stalls, trick or treat street theatre,Halloween actors, Halloween-themed food and a laser zombie run zone.

see for full details of the event.all

Frightwater Valley – Lightwater Valley, Yorkshire

Every year at Halloween, Lightwater Valley Theme park turns into Frightwater Valley, a family Halloween adventure filled with ghouls and frights at every corner. You can look forward to:

  • Trick or treat doors
  • Monster puppet show
  • Lightwater express
  • Cabin in the woods
  • Eagles creep farm
  • Frightwater finale

The event takes place on Halloween night and also the days before and after Halloween. You can see more details and information about booking on the Lightwater Valley website.

Halloween Terror at the Edinburgh Vaults

The vaults beneath Edinburgh city were originally built as storage space and workshops for businesses above ground but were abandoned in the late 1700s due to flooding. These abandoned vaults became taken over by slum dwellers and with many brothels and pubs, crime was rife. Serial killers were said to tour the vaults in hunt of their next victims.

The Edinburgh vaults are creepy enough to visit at any time of year but this is an especially scary place to be at Halloween. During tours of the tunnels people have reported seeing strange lights, hearing ghostly footsteps, stones being thrown at guides and strange smells of burning and rotting flesh.

The Halloween night tour starts at 10.30pm, followed by a ghost hunt starting after midnight and finishing at 5.30am.

You can book the tour or read more information at Auld Reekie Tours

Alton Towers Scarefest – Staffordshire

The Alton Towers theme park holds a regular annual Halloween event from the 17th of October until the 1st of November, with Halloween activities for everyone

Family-friendly Halloween experience includes spooky storytime, trick or treat party, ghoul school, the Alton ancestors, Gloomy Wood alive and a fancy dress competition.

Trick or treat rooms decorated in a Halloween theme are also available at the Alton Towers hotel, with hidden treats around the room and free spooky movies.

For adults who want to be really scared, there are three terrifying live-action scare mazes to get lost in including The Haunting of Molly Crowe, Sub Species apocalyptic game, and Terror of the Towers. You also get the chance to go on some of the UK’s scariest rollercoasters in the dark.

See more details and book at

Thorpe Park Fright Nights – Surrey

Fright nights run at Thorpe Park theme park for several nights in October, including Halloween night. The frightening fun includes rides in the dark and five live-action Halloween mazes:

  • My Bloody Valentine
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Saw
  • The Big Top

Visit the Thorpe Park website for details and ticketing information.

Screamfest – Staffordshire

The National Forest Adventure Farm is transformed into a terrifying interactive horror experience every year at Halloween and all dates for 2015 are currently sold out except the October 15th preview night so book now or you’ll be waiting until next year to experience the terror!

Attractions include:

  • Night Bringer
  • Freakout
  • Nocturnal
  • Children Of The Corn
  • Soul Seekers

There’s also a wide range of additional scary entertainment including a zombie paintball fight, sideshow artists, street theatre, seasonal food and drink and a Halloween fancy dress competition.

See full details and buy tickets from the official website

The Howl – Bedfordshire

Mead Open Farm is a family farm in the time, popular with young kids and with gorgeous views of open countryside. But at night during the month of October it is transformed into “The Howl” scream park, featuring five haunted attractions filled with freaks and terrifying creatures of the night.

Attractions include a haunted house, a ‘slay’ barn controlled by a psychotic clown, a dark forest filled with scary creatures, ‘The Shed’ filled with unwanted ‘arrivals’, street theatre and Squealer’s yard.

Book tickets and find out more information on The Howl website

Shocktober Fest & Spooktober fest – Crawley

Shocktober Fest scream park is an annual Halloween theme park held during several dates in October and featuring a total of eight scary attractions with live actors and special Halloween effects. There are also two music stages, street theatre, pumpkin paintball and terrifying Halloween rides.

The main attractions include:

  • The Volt
  • The Chop Shop
  • The Colony
  • The Nightshade Circus
  • The Horrorwood Hayride
  • The Cellar
  • Hellements – The Ritual
  • The Haunted House

Spooktober Fest is a family friendly Halloween attractions including  interactive scary experiences for older children – The Darkness, Twisted Fun House,Terror Trail, The Horrid Hayride, The Haunted House and the Boo Barn. There’s also a pumpkin patch area with lots of Halloween activities to keep little ones occupied including spook stories, fancy dress, puppet shows, bumpy barrel ride and play area

See full details and book on the website.

Fear at Avon Valley

Avon Valley adventure and wildlife park is transformed into an attraction designed to scare you every Halloween, with three terrifying live-acting horror mazes. The three main attractions, Phobia, Purgatory and Anarchy are intended for visitors aged 12+. Fear runs on Halloween night and several other dates in October.

See for more information

Hellfest – Birmingham

Hellfest is Birmingham’s first terror park and includes four live-action terrifying attractions inlucluding Ward 78 – Unrestrained, Panic Unlocked, Terror on the Streets, set in Victorian London and Cannibal’s Cave food court

Hellfest is run at several dates during October – please see the website for full details and to buy tickets.

Scaregrounds – Yorkshire

Scaregrounds is Yokshire’s number one Halloween attraction featuring a halloween-themed food court and side stalls as well as the live-action interactive terror experiences:

  • Darkwood 2 – an abandoned creepy haunted house
  • Voodoo – escape an evil witch doctor
  • Exile – escape the purge
  • Confinement – locked in a hospital for the criminally insane
  • Jack’s Sick and Twisted Zombie House – killer clowns and freak show
  • Jack’s Big Top -giant jumping pillow

See full details and buy tickets at

Halloween Adventure at Stockeld Park – Leeds

Stockeld Park between Leeds and Harrogate hosts several different family-friendly attractions over the Halloween period – there’s something for all ages and the activities range from fun to terrifying.

Non-scary activities include:

  • Pumpkin carving
  • face painting
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Halloween catwalk
  • Halloween crafts
  • Wizard’s den
  • Wizard and witch training
  • Witch trail
  • Creepy creatures

For older kids and those who want to be scared, try the Fright Nights running from 29th – 31st October 2015 where you can experience three terror zones: Freaks in the Forest, Moonshine Massacre and The Cage: Mutation. Fright Night is aimed at adults and kids over the age of 8.

See the Stockeld Park website for full details

Farmaggedon – Liverpool


Farmaggedon is an extremely twisted Halloween experience that runs all year round. October tickets sell out fast so get yours now! The experience includes four fully-immersive terror experiences:

  • Zombie Outlaw -UV nighttime zombie paintball
  • Contagion – escape from psychotic mutants
  • Meat Locker – a twisted soul in search of human flesh
  • Terror on the Farm – a haunted maze where your worst nightmares are hidden

Farmaggedon is only suitable for those aged over 15 and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

See for full details and to buy tickets.

Pasaje Del Terror – Blackpool


The Pasaje Del Terror is one of the world’s longest running Halloween events, running for 27 years in several different countries and now it has come to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The interactive walk-through horror show runs all year round but is extra scary at Halloween. The setup includes 18 sets and 20 horror actors, along with spooky sound effects, creepy lighting and terrifying shocks and suprises.

See for more information.

The Dungeons – Throughout the UK

The Dungeons are a popular tourist attraction at several cities throughout the UK – London, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Warwick Castle and York. All of these are open year-round but run their own individual special scary Halloween events every year:

  • The London Dungeon presents Seance for Halloween 2015 – a re-enactment of true events featuring a world-famous medium set in 1873 and a chilling visitation from the spirt world.
  • The Edinburgh Dungeon presents Resurrectionists, a Halloween event run by grave robbers and a cast of Scotland’s most famous murderers, cannibals and rogues.
  • York Dungeon also focuses on body snatchers, in search of their next victim

See full details of Halloween attractions and buy tickets at

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