20+ Easy Halloween Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Halloween activities like parties and trick-or-treating can sometimes be a little too overwhelming and scary for the youngest members of the family but there’s no reason why they should miss out on all the fun of Halloween. Along with getting your kids dressed up, there are loads of fun crafts and activities you can do together.

I follow quite a few kids activities and homeschooling blogs and some of them have the most amazing and creative activity ideas and crafts for toddlers and young kids, most of which are really easy to set up and can be done with things you’ll already have lying around the house. There are so many good Halloween-themed activities out there for little ones, I thought I’d compile a post of some of my favourites.

Please let me know if you try any of these and if you have any more ideas – always looking for rainy day ideas to keep kids occupied, especially at this time of the year!

Halloween Sensory Bin


Sensory bins are always a hit with little kids and it’s a good way to keep them quiet and even calm down toddler tantrums. This one has a fun Halloween twist that the kids will love! See Kids Play Box for the full instructions.

Rock Jack-O-Lanterns


These are so cute and easy to make and have lots of play potential when you’ve finished making them- my kids love playing with rocks! See No Time For Flashcards for the full post.

Erupting Pumpkins

erupting pumpkins 65

This one is so much fun! My kids love playing with vinegar and baking soda to make ‘magic potions’ and this is a really fun Halloween variation. See Growing a Jeweled Rose for full details.

Fingerprint Bat outlines


This is a fun art activity that even the smallest toddlers can enjoy taking part in and if you have small kids you’ll probably have these art materials in your house already. Check out Crafty Morning for full details

Papier Maché Pumpkins


This is a great alternative to carving real pumpkins for kids who might not be old enough to enjoy that activity. Small toddlers will enjoy sticking paper onto balloons and then you can have fun decorating them together. You can even cut out faces and turn them into lanterns just like real jack-o-lanterns, or cut the tops of and use them as decorative bowl for Halloween candy. If you want to do this, remember to make them a few days before Halloween so they have time to dry properly. See full details at Family Education.

Sparkly Pumpkins


My 3-year-old just LOVES playiing with sequins, glitter and confetti so I was immediately drawn to this craft. This is a fun pumpkin decorating activity however old your children are and the finished result looks so pretty! See The Imagination Tree for full instructions and ideas.

Make a Monster Mobile


I have about a million toilet roll tubes that I’ve collected for the kids to craft with so I think we’ll definitely be doing this craft this year to use them up! Plus they have pipecleaners and goggly eyes – all things that toddlers love! See Happy Hooligans for full instructions.

Jack-o-lantern squish bag


This is a great sensory activity for babies and young toddlers, with NO MESS! See Fantastic Fun and Learning for more details

Slimy Spaghetti sensory activity


Another sensory activity that toddlers are bound to love but this one is not quite so mess free so you might want to do it outside! See Hands On As We Grow for full instructions.

Halloween Gak


You can’t go wrong with slime, goo and play dough type squishy things to play with and you’ll probably love playing with this “Halloween gak” as much as your kids! See Mess For Less for full recipe.

Halloween sticky table


A fun Halloween art activity that’s easy to set up and you can buy the materials cheaply from the craft section in discount shops like Home Bargains and Poundland. See Fun A Day for full details.

Wrapped up like a mummy


it doesn’t get much simpler than this: wrap your kid in toilet paper for hours of fun! See Teach Preschool for more info.

Apple Pumpkin Prints


Ah good old potato prints. Or apple prints in this case. There’s nothing little kids love more than the chance to print with these cute little stampers and they’re so easy to make – an apple cut in half is shaped just like a pumpkin, making this ideal for Halloween. You can keep the prints and use it as wrapping paper if you want too! Visit Mom in Madison for full instructions.

Kid sized spider web


A fun game that can be played inside or outside by kids of all ages and a good choice for Halloween parties. See Makes and Takes for full details.

Make healthy Halloween snacks


They’ll be getting enough sugar on Halloween night so some ideas for healthy snacks that you can make and eat together are a great idea to keep your little ones busy in the run up to Halloween. Try these spooky ghost bananas and cute tangerine pumpkins (from Family Education)

toilet roll mummies


another fun toilet paper craft from Happy Hooligans. This is a really easy art activity for young kids to make and doubles as a cute Halloween decoration.

Halloween Night Lights


These little lanterns are not only easy for kids to make themselves (with a little help from mum of course!) but they also look great on the table at your Halloween party. See Kids Activities Blog for full instructions.



These are great fun to make and the end result is impressive. All you need is a salad spinner, some paper plates and some ready mixed paint. See Rainy Day Mum for more details.

Paper Bag Halloween Masks


This is one of the easiest Halloween costumes you can make for your child – just cut eye holes in a paper bag and let them decorate it however they want. For a slightly more polished result you can download templates and instructions for a variety of animal masks from Wee Society

Pumpkin bowling

Fall Craft_0003

I’ve seen a few different ideas for Halloween bowling but this is one of the easiest and the cutest – from Jeanetics

Witches Brew


A fun science activity for young kids from Kids Activities Blog. All you need is water and food colouring!

witches hat drip paintings


A fun and messy art activity for young children that’s also a great activity for a children’s Halloween party. See Toddler Approved for more details.

Ghost footprints


Another great idea from Kids Activities Blog. This one could get messy so you might want to think about doing it outside!

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