Using Halloween Special Effects for a Spooky Atmosphere

Decorating your house with scary Halloween props can certainly make for a spooky party, but if you really want to scare your guests, consider going that little bit further and using the help of some special effects to turn your home into something straight out of a horror movie. Gear like fog machines, black lights and strobe lights are now much more affordable so you don’t have to break the budget to create a really impressive atmosphere at your Halloween party. Even something as simple as playing a spooky Halloween soundtrack can make a world of difference to the scary feeling and make sure your guests have a night to remember!

Fog Machines and Accessories

Creating a spooky fog is probably one of the most effective ways you can create a scary atmosphere. Why is fog so scary? Maybe because we associate it with outdoor places like graveyards and old castles in the dead of night. Or maybe because it hides what might be lurking underneath. Fog machines can be used indoors and outdoors and work best in low lighting, they can really help to make your Halloween props look real.61zv2XJgPBL._SL1000_ buy1._V192240163_This 1Byone fog machine is really affordable and is one of the bestsellers on Amazon. It creates a thick fog which is enough to fill a room the size of two garages. You can also change the density to produce a thicker or thinner fog. The best thing about this machine however is that it comes with a remote control so you can hide it behind a spooky prop in the garden and give trick-or-treaters the fright of their life when they come knocking on your door! All fog machines need fog fluid so don’t forget it when you order your machine. This 1 litre bottle of QTX fog fluid is very cheap, produces great fog, and it’s non-toxic.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are great fun at any nighttime party but add an extra dimension of spookiness at a Halloween party and work particularly well when used in conjunction with a smoke machine. Of course it’s important to remember that strobe lights can cause fits in people with epilepsy so you should always make sure none of your guests are affected by this kind of lighting and only use it for short periods at a time.415gwusqTeL

buy1._V192240163_This particular strobe light costs less than a tenner so you could easily buy a couple of them to create special effects at your Halloween party. They look great with a fog machine if you’ve set up a graveyard outside your house, creating a spooky flickering light. You could also set one up in an upstairs window behind a scary mummy or other figure to terrify guests and trick-or-treaters coming to your house!

Black Lights

Black lights, also known as UV lights, make white and fluorescent objects glow in the dark. These are always great fun at parties and especially so at Halloween when you can plan your costume to look extra amazing under UV light or set up props like skeletons that will glow brightly in the dark room.


You can buy black light lightbulbs that go in your normal light fittings but they don’t work very well – you’re better off buying a fluorescent tube blacklight like this one that can be plugged in and put wherever you like in the room.

buy1._V192240163_If you’re getting a black light, remember to have some fun with it! Black light paints like these can be used to paint on your walls or on Halloween decoration to create a vivid bright neon effect when the UV light is turned on.

You can also use UV body paints like these ones to create some amazing special Halloween makeup effects in the dark or even just a simple costume – what could be easier than painting a skeleton onto a black tight fitting outfit?

Bubble Machines

Ok bubbles aren’t terribly scary! But they’re great for kids Halloween parties and they also look great with your Halloween special fx lighting. You can even use UV glow in the dark bubble fluid so that they glow under the black light!712G3iseV0L._SL1254_ buy1._V192240163_You can buy professional quality bubble machines but a small one like this is enough for a party at home and cheap enough that you won’t think twice about buying one. You can use batteries with this to put it in awkward corners, or you can plug it into the mains. It comes with a small bottle of bubble liquid but you’ll probably want to buy a bigger one if you plan on blowing bubbles for hours.

61r7rwaOgyL._SL1000_ buy1._V192240163_For maximum fun in the dark, be sure to buy some UV bubble fluid which will create magical spooky bubbles that glow under a black light.

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