Alternatives to Sweets for Trick or Treaters

All kids love trick or treating at Halloween but for their parents it can be more a time of dread, knowing that they’ll have to deal with hyped up children later who’ve eaten too much sugar, sore tummies and rotten teeth. Halloween is only once a year and even strict parents tend to relax their rules on this night thats known for sweets and candy as much as it is for pumpkins and ghosts, but there are also some great alternatives that kids will like just as much. Sales of trick-or-treat confectionary were way down in the UK last year as the public awareness of healthy diets continues to grow and the trend is set to continue for this year If you’re concerned about the amount of sugar that your kids eat on Halloween night or how you’re going to ration it out over the coming weeks, it might be worth having a word with your neighbours and suggesting some alternatives. Or even if you just choose to hand out another kind of treat to kids who knock at your door, you’ll still be reducing their overall sugar consumption and their parents are sure to thank you! So if you don’t want to give out sweets but don’t want to risk being ‘tricked’ with toilet paper and eggs and flour, what are some other options:

Halloween Cookies and Cupcakes

You can still give out sweet treats but home-baked goods are much healthier than sweets and chocolate and you can make them even healthier if you wish by reducing the sugar, using wholemeal flour or even making raw versions of your favourite cakes out of fruits and nuts. You can make these just as fun as Halloween candy by decorating them with spooky designs like spiders, witches hats, pumpkins and so on – get some ideas at our spooky food page here.


halloween-popcorn-tubs-3 Popcorn can be a healthy treat if you make it salty instead of sweet and you can even make some little Halloween paper bags or cups to hand it out in (photo from One Charming Party)

Toffee Apples

Toffee apples are traditional at Halloween after all and they’re mostly apple with just a thin coating of sugar or chocolate, so they’re much healthier than a handful of sweets.

Glow Sticks or Mini Torches


You don’t have to give out food – anything that lights up at Halloween is sure to be a big hit and glow sticks and small LED torches are cheap to buy in bulk. This pack of 100 glowsticks that can be turned into bracelets is less than a tenner. This pack of 12 LED torches works out at less than £1.50 per torch.

Halloween Tattoos

414DcupyihL These fun temporary tattoos will be eagerly received by both boys and girls and are really cheap. They also make an excellent goody bag filler for Halloween parties.

Halloween Toys

Fake spiders, rubber snakes and bats, little witches and pumpkins can be bought really cheaply in discount shops in the run-up to Halloween and make a great alternative to giving out sweets to trick-or-treaters.

Mini Books

Want other parents to love you on Halloween? Give out books to trick-or-treaters! Actually kids love these too. There’s a selection of Halloween themed books on Amazon including Peppa Pig and Mr Men books for around £3, or you can check out your local discount book shop which often sell children’s picture books for 99p. Even if they’re not Halloween themed, they still make a great Halloween treat!

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