Twilight Jewellery and Gifts for Fans

Can you believe it’s already been 10 years since the first Twilight book has come out? Stephenie Meyer just released a new edition of the book that comes with another book: Life and Death, which is basically Twilight re-written with all the genders of the characters changed. So Bella becomes Beaufort and Edward becomes Edythe. Apart from a few more names that are even more ridiculous than Renesmee, the story is exactly the same.


As Halloween is fast approaching and Twilight characters are always popular characters for dressing up, I’ve compiled this list of some really detailed replica jewellery and other accessories that are just the same as the ones worn by the characters in the movies.

These make great accessories for Halloween outfits or if you’re a Twilight fan, you’ll probably enjoy wearing them all through the year. They also make great gifts for fans of the series.

Twilight Engagement Ring


buy1._V192240163_Here it is! The ring that has girls all over the world swooning at the thought that they could be marrying Edward Cullen. This silver engagement ring set with cubic zirconia stones is an exact replica of the one Edward gives Bella in the Eclipse movie! A must-have for die-hard Twilight fans.

Rosalie’s Necklace


buy1._V192240163_This necklace looks just like the one Rosalie wears in the first movie with a pendant featuring the Cullen family crest. It’s made by NECA, which is the company who made the actual pieces for the movie, so you know you’re getting the real thing!

Bella’s Crest Ring61JNRCkwODL._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_When Bella is accepted as part of the Cullen family, she receives this crest ring. Bella is seen wearing this ring in the New Moon movie when Alice sees a vision of her as a vampire. Every member of the Cullen family wears an item of crest jewellery so this is an important token to show she’s been accepted.

Renesmee’s Bracelet


buy1._V192240163_This fabric bracelet is a replica of the one that Jacob gives Renesmee for Christmas and would also make a great xmas gift for you or a friend!

Edward’s Wrist Cuff


buy1._V192240163_This leather wrist cuff is Edwards version of the crest jewellery that every member of the Cullen family wears (this cuff is also worn by Jasper and Emmett and Bella wears a female version of it). It’s a great gift for Twilight collectors or just for accessorising an outfit.

Volturi Necklace


buy1._V192240163_Now this one is a good accessory for Halloween! This replica necklace looks just like the one the Volturi wear in New Moon. Just add a black cape and you have a great Halloween costume.

Twilight Immortal Perfume


buy1._V192240163_Did you know there was a Twilight perfume? I did not – obviously I am not a big enough fan. If you want to smell like Bella (the scent that is completely irresistible to vampires!) this is what you need. I’m not sure it’s too safe to wear on Halloween with all those vampires around though… All joking aside, this is not a cheap perfume – it smells very nice and is a great addition to any Twilight collection.

The perfume is based on the description of Bella’s scent by Edward in the book – top notes of citrus and chamomile with heart notes of white freesia and peony, and base notes of oriental patchouli, amber and musk.

As much thought has gone into the bottle as creating the scent – the glass is designed to be a representation of the look and feel of vampire skin.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella & Edward Barbie Dolls


buy1._V192240163_Ok obviously not jewellery but I had to include these! Edward’s looking his usual moody self and Bella is styled as she was straight after her vampire transformation – complete with leather jacket and sparkly skin. These are official Barbie dolls and I’m actually pretty impressed at how much they look like the characters in the movie. You can also get Bella in her wedding dress and the whole family of Cullens, along with Jacob and all the other major characters. See all the Twilight Barbies here.

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