Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations (Updated for 2018)

Hurray, it’s October again! Definitely the best month of the year and time to start thinking about decorating your house for Halloween. The Uk has been quite slow to catch up with truly scary outdoor Halloween decorations like the ones that have been available in the states for years, but the choice is growing every year and there’s now plenty of choice if you want to turn your front garden into a graveyard or turn your home into a haunted house for the evening.

Here’s our pick of the best outside Halloween decorations this year:

Giant Spider

giant halloween spider

Most people are freaked out by spiders, especially GIANT spiders, so imagine how terrified your halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters will be when they see this realistic giant spider on the wall of your house. The spider is a massive 2m wide!

Realistic Spider Web

Of course you’ll need some giant cobwebs to go with your giant spiders and this durable cotton spider web is ideal for decorating the outside of your house – it even glows in the dark!

Giant Hanging Ghost curtain

black giant ghost curtain

This simple but very effective and scary outdoor Halloween decoration looks amazing when hung on the front of your house so that guests have to pass under it to get to your front door. This hanging decoration is 7 ft tall, easy to install and incredibly effective with its long flowing fabric.

Halloween Ghost Projector

halloween ghost projector

Imagine having real ghosts flying around your house on Halloween! Well this is the next best thing and is really one of the most impressive outdoor Halloween decorations that I’ve seen this year. It consists of a weatherproof LED projector that moves automatically and has a number of interchangeable lenses to project pictures all around your house and garden. As well as the Halloween theme, there are several other lenses to choose from that are suitable for Christmas, summer, autumn, valentine’s day, birthdays and many other occasions. In fact there are 22 lenses to choose from. Perfect for any kind of party at home and you can also use this projector inside of course.

The system comes with a 6-hour daily automatically repeating timer and a super-long 16.4 ft cable so it shouldn’t be a problem reaching the nearest power supply, wherever you want to place the projector.

12ft Inflatable Light-up Ghost

Want to make an impact on trick-or-treaters or guests arriving to your halloween party? This 12ft tall inflatable outdoor ghost lantern is certainly eye-catching and looks really effective with its colour-changing LED lights.

Skeleton Dogskeleton dog prop

If normal human skeletons are a bit boring for your taste, you might want to decorate your garden with this realistic looking skeleton dog. This 16.5 inch spooky Halloween prop is suitable for all weathers as it’s made of durable plastic and comes as part of a range so you can get him a skeleton cat or raven as a friend if you wish.

Halloween Tombstones

There’s nothing more easy and effective than adding a few tombstones into your garden to make it into a makeshift graveyard. These headstones are made from polyfoam but they look incredibly realistic. Just add a freshly dug ‘grave’ for full impact. This set of 4 tombstones is great value for money and you’ll get 4 different designs to scare your neighbours with.

Spooky Misty Cauldron

Halloween mist maker cauldron

Now this is something that will really impress the trick-or-treaters when they come calling,especially if you add a few other witchy accessories like a broomstick and black cat and of course come to the door in a great witch costume!

This misty cauldron is actually a mist maker with LED lights and a decorative spooky cauldron to put it in. It’s incredibly easy to use – just fill the cauldron with normal water and submerge the mist maker inside. No messing around with chemicals or dry ice. There are red, blue and yellow LED lights inside, which make the mist look even more spooky. Amazing effect for halloween parties

Creeping Corpse Statue

creeping corpse statue

This sculpture is something you could really have fun with all year round if you have a bit of a dark sense of humour or gothic taste – just put it in your garden and watch your guests do a double-take. This creepy statue looks like he’s clawing his way out of the ground and makes a great outside Halloween decoration.

Wood Spirit Tree Sculpture

wood spirit tree spooky statue

Another spooky sculpture that makes a great finishing touch to your outdoor decorations and could be left out all year. Cast from crushed stone and resin, it looks just like the bark on a tree and is pliable so it can be wrapped around a tree trunk easily. Not too scary but a bit of a novelty that will definitely get people talking!

Blood Splattered Halloween Sign

You don’t need to put a huge amount of effort into decorating the outside of your house for Halloween – a few well chosen props can be very effective. This terrifying sign is a great example and is a great price so if you’re on a budget for your decorations, you’ll be happy to know you can still get a really scary and effective look without breaking the bank. The bloody gauze attached to the sign really makes it in my opinion!

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