Hello I’m Rachel and I love Halloween 🙂

I love ghost stories, carving pumpkins, Halloween candy, costumes and makeup, Halloween parties, cupcakes decorated with ghosts and spiders, vampire movies, horror films, haunted houses and any other way I can find to scare myself!

As the country I’m living in right now doesn’t really celebrate Halloween and I miss all the festivities around that time of year, I decided to set up this website so I can have my own little Halloween celebration.

I also have two little monsters of my own (see photo) who love dressing up in fancy dress, watching scary movies and helping me decorate cakes.10683732_556753404470901_7168695575339663033_oHalloween, along with Christmas is a lot more fun once you have kids around so I’m enjoying looking up fun Halloween activities for them and new cute costumes to add to the dressing up box.

Oh and here’s a pumpkin I carved of Che Guevara when I’d just come back from Cuba!


Hope you find the site entertaining and useful 🙂 Please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions and anything else.