Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations (Updated for 2018)

Hurray, it’s October again! Definitely the best month of the year and time to start thinking about decorating your house for Halloween. The Uk has been quite slow to catch up with truly scary outdoor Halloween decorations like the ones that have been available in the states for years, but the choice is growing every year and there’s now plenty of choice if you want to turn your front garden into a graveyard or turn your home into a haunted house for the evening.

Here’s our pick of the best outside Halloween decorations this year:

Giant Spider

giant halloween spider

Most people are freaked out by spiders, especially GIANT spiders, so imagine how terrified your halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters will be when they see this realistic giant spider on the wall of your house. The spider is a massive 2m wide!

Realistic Spider Web

Of course you’ll need some giant cobwebs to go with your giant spiders and this durable cotton spider web is ideal for decorating the outside of your house – it even glows in the dark!

Giant Hanging Ghost curtain

black giant ghost curtain

This simple but very effective and scary outdoor Halloween decoration looks amazing when hung on the front of your house so that guests have to pass under it to get to your front door. This hanging decoration is 7 ft tall, easy to install and incredibly effective with its long flowing fabric.

Halloween Ghost Projector

halloween ghost projector

Imagine having real ghosts flying around your house on Halloween! Well this is the next best thing and is really one of the most impressive outdoor Halloween decorations that I’ve seen this year. It consists of a weatherproof LED projector that moves automatically and has a number of interchangeable lenses to project pictures all around your house and garden. As well as the Halloween theme, there are several other lenses to choose from that are suitable for Christmas, summer, autumn, valentine’s day, birthdays and many other occasions. In fact there are 22 lenses to choose from. Perfect for any kind of party at home and you can also use this projector inside of course.

The system comes with a 6-hour daily automatically repeating timer and a super-long 16.4 ft cable so it shouldn’t be a problem reaching the nearest power supply, wherever you want to place the projector.

12ft Inflatable Light-up Ghost

Want to make an impact on trick-or-treaters or guests arriving to your halloween party? This 12ft tall inflatable outdoor ghost lantern is certainly eye-catching and looks really effective with its colour-changing LED lights.

Skeleton Dogskeleton dog prop

If normal human skeletons are a bit boring for your taste, you might want to decorate your garden with this realistic looking skeleton dog. This 16.5 inch spooky Halloween prop is suitable for all weathers as it’s made of durable plastic and comes as part of a range so you can get him a skeleton cat or raven as a friend if you wish.

Halloween Tombstones

There’s nothing more easy and effective than adding a few tombstones into your garden to make it into a makeshift graveyard. These headstones are made from polyfoam but they look incredibly realistic. Just add a freshly dug ‘grave’ for full impact. This set of 4 tombstones is great value for money and you’ll get 4 different designs to scare your neighbours with.

Spooky Misty Cauldron

Halloween mist maker cauldron

Now this is something that will really impress the trick-or-treaters when they come calling,especially if you add a few other witchy accessories like a broomstick and black cat and of course come to the door in a great witch costume!

This misty cauldron is actually a mist maker with LED lights and a decorative spooky cauldron to put it in. It’s incredibly easy to use – just fill the cauldron with normal water and submerge the mist maker inside. No messing around with chemicals or dry ice. There are red, blue and yellow LED lights inside, which make the mist look even more spooky. Amazing effect for halloween parties

Creeping Corpse Statue

creeping corpse statue

This sculpture is something you could really have fun with all year round if you have a bit of a dark sense of humour or gothic taste – just put it in your garden and watch your guests do a double-take. This creepy statue looks like he’s clawing his way out of the ground and makes a great outside Halloween decoration.

Wood Spirit Tree Sculpture

wood spirit tree spooky statue

Another spooky sculpture that makes a great finishing touch to your outdoor decorations and could be left out all year. Cast from crushed stone and resin, it looks just like the bark on a tree and is pliable so it can be wrapped around a tree trunk easily. Not too scary but a bit of a novelty that will definitely get people talking!

Blood Splattered Halloween Sign

You don’t need to put a huge amount of effort into decorating the outside of your house for Halloween – a few well chosen props can be very effective. This terrifying sign is a great example and is a great price so if you’re on a budget for your decorations, you’ll be happy to know you can still get a really scary and effective look without breaking the bank. The bloody gauze attached to the sign really makes it in my opinion!

Stylish and Unusual Halloween Decorations and Tableware

You’ve still got a few days left if you haven’t sorted your Halloween costumes or decoration so don’t panic if you’re planning a Halloween party this weekend and have left things until the last minute. Most online shops offer next day delivery so you’ve not left it too late but now is definitely the time to get shopping!

I was browsing one of my favourite online shops, Not On The High Street that sells some of the most unique homewares from independent designers and noticed they have an amazing Halloween section! So if you’ve not done your Halloween shopping yet, this is a great place to head. Even better, they’re offering a 15% discount on orders over £50 – just enter the code LUCKYME at checkout.

Ok onto the fun Halloween shopping!

Day Of The Dead Bunting

original_day-of-the-dead-buntingThis colourful bunting makes a gorgeous alternative Halloween decoration if you want to get into the party spirit without being too scary or cheesy. See full details at Not On The High Street.

Personalised Trick or Treat Bagsoriginal_personalised-halloween-trick-or-treat-bags

Make your trick or treating that bit more fun with these spooky cotton skeleton and pumpkin bags, printed with a name and message of your choice. They also make great goody bags for a kids Halloween party. See full details at Not On The High Street

Fabric Pumpkins

These cute pumpkins in a variety of different fabrics make cute non-scary decorations and look great grouped together. See full details at Not On The High Street

Black Spooky Bat Backdroporiginal_black-spooky-halloween-bat-backdrop

What’s Halloween without a few bats? But forget those cheesy and cheap looking rubber bats and instead decorate your home with this gorgeously spooky hanging bat decoration. Works great on the wall behind your Halloween party food table or as a photo backdrop. Purchase from Not on The High Street

Skeleton Party Cupsoriginal_halloween-skeleton-party-cups

It’s the little details that really make your Halloween party – like using these skeleton paper cups instead of plain white or plastic versions. Comes as a set of 8 and matching paper plates and napkins are available too. See full details at Not On The High Street.

Skeleton Ribcage Paper Bag Lanternsoriginal_skeleton-ribcage-lantern-bags

Lighting can make a huge difference to your Halloween decor and these atmospheric and artistic paper bag lanterns would look great on your food table or at the entrance to your home. These bags are made from flameproof paper and can be used with tea light candles, but battery-powered LED tealights are recommended. See full details at Not on The High Street.

Skeleton Halloween Photo booth Propsoriginal_skeleton-photo-booth

Photobooths where your guests can have their photos taken and see them on social media later have become very popular at all kinds of parties in recent years. These are always more fun when you supply a few props and this set of Halloween themed props are sure to be entertaining at your Halloween party. See Not On The High Street for full details.

Skull In Crown Jubillee Teapotoriginal_skull-in-crown-jubilee-teapot

This is no cheap teapot, so probably not worth buying just for using at a Halloween party, but if you love Gothic style and homewares that are a little unusual, it will make a beautifully creepy addition to your home. See Not On The High Street for full details.

Halloween Bat Lanternsoriginal_halloween-bat-tealight-holders

How cute are these little bat lanterns? They are available with black, purple, or green wings and look great hung in a tree with teatlights inside to welcome trick or treaters. Full details at Not On The High Street

Spider Strawsoriginal_spider-straws

These spider straws will finish off your Halloween drinks with style and spookiness and kids think they’re a riot! See the full details and order at Not On The High Street.

Skull & Crossbones Glass Decanter and Tumblersoriginal_jsen_flat_shot_decanter

Sometimes you need to really splash out and treat yourself and this spooky drinking set would be perfect for an adult Halloween party or to display and use as part of a Gothic tableware collection. See details and buy at Not On The High Street.

Halloween Bottle Labels

GG Web Optimised
If you’re on more of a budget you can still serve up impressive looking drinks with the help of these spooky graveyard bottle labels. Coke becomes “bat’s blood”, wine becomes “zombie juice” or “poison” and why not serve up some “devil’s brew” instead of beer. These are fantastic for both adult and kids Halloween parties and really add to the overall decor and ambience. Buy from Not on The High Street.

Trick Or Treat Bunting


This gorgeous and sophisticated Halloween banner would look great as a backdrop or in your entry way and is a subtle way to add some Halloween decoration that isn’t too gory or scary. See full details at Not on The High Street.

Unique Halloween Sweets & Treats for Trick or Treaters

Halloween night is less than two weeks away so now is the time to stock up on trick or treat sweets and candy to hand out on the big night. You could just be like everybody else and give out lollipops and haribo but if you want to be a little different, there are some really cool and unusual options for Halloween sweets this year.

Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Pops


buy1._V192240163_These are no ordinary lollipops – just bend the stick to make it glow in the dark. Kids love anything that glows in the dark and they’re extra fun at Halloween.

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs


buy1._V192240163_Halloween sweets don’t have to be gross or scary. These chocolate frogs, just like the ones Harry ate on the way to Hogwarts, are actually rather sweet and come with a wizard trading card.

Cadbury Screme Eggs


buy1._V192240163_You no longer have to wait until Easter to enjoy Cadbury Creme eggs! These ‘screme’ eggs taste just the same but they have a green middle, making them a spooky treat for Halloween.

Crunchy Chocolate Spiders


buy1._V192240163_Another great Halloween treat from Cadbury.These chocolate spiders have green crunchy bits, look amazing and taste delicious.

Toxic Waste Sour Sweets


buy1._V192240163_These ‘hazardously sour’ sweets are great to put in Halloween gift bags or give out to trick or treaters.

Insect Lollipops


buy1._V192240163_These fruit flavour lollipops include a selection of edible bugs including ants, a worm, scorpion and cricket. Perfect for freaking out trick or treaters!

Frankenstein Fudge


buy1._V192240163_This fudge is just like normal fudge – it tastes delicious but has added worms! Give this out on Halloween night and they probably won’t even notice the worms in the dark until they get home!

Day of The Dead Chocolates

Whimsical Cake Company
These pastel chocolates with edible glitter are almost too pretty to eat! They’re made from Belgian chocolate and provide a delicious and luxurious treat for only your favourite trick or treaters. Get them from Not on The High Street.

10 Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipes

If you’re hosting a Halloween party for grown-ups, you’ll want to make the night go with a bang with the addition of some creepy alcoholic beverages that are delicious as well as scary.

Once you’ve chosen your drinks, don’t forget to display them in an imaginative way. The addition of something like this creepy skull ice bucket can transform even ordinary drinks into something spooky:


buy1._V192240163_Also check out our post on Halloween table decorations for some serving ideas and creepy looking Halloween food to create the ultimate Halloween buffet.

1. Halloween Punch

You can customise this creepy cocktails to your own tastes and add as much vodka as you dare. Don’t serve this one if there will be kids at your party – the gummi worms are very enticing!


  • 500ml cranberry juice
  • 1.5 litres lemonade
  • Juice of 3 limes
  • large handful gummi worms
  • Vodka to taste

Recipe credit: BBC food

2. Bloody Mary

This classic cocktail is the ideal choice for Halloween and you can easily make virgin versions for non-drinkers.


  • 2 Ice cubes
  • Double shot of vodka
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 6 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • 3 dashes Tobasco sauce
  • 150ml tomato juice
  • pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper

Recipe credit : BBC food

3. Blood Orange shots

These novelty cocktails look great on your Halloween table and can be prepared and refrigerated over night. For the full effect, you’ll need to buy some test-tubes for serving.


Recipe credit: Martha Stewart

4. Bleeding Heart Martini

The ‘bleeding heart’ in this cocktail is made from a pickled beetroot speared with a cocktail stick and looks very realistic! This recipe makes 4 glasses.


  • 60ml dry vermouth
  • 250ml gin
  • Ice cubes
  • 4 pickled baby beetroots

Recipe credit: Martha Stewart

5. Martini with Lychee eyeballs

Use the basic martini recipe above and substitute the beetroot heart with an ‘eyeball’ made from tinned lychees stuffed with a cranberry or blueberry


Recipe credit: Martha Stewart

6. Down The Abyss

This spooky looking cocktail gets its look from the addition of black vodka, which is a great drink to have in your Halloween drinks cabinet. If you don’t want to get too complicated when you’re creating cocktails, just mix it with fruit juice or soda for a creepy alcoholic beverage.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.17.41 PM

Recipe credit: Blavod Vodka

7. Brain Haemorrhage

This disgusting looking cocktail actually looks like a brain floating in a glass and this effect is created by curdling Irish cream by adding it to schnapps. It may look horrible but it tastes pretty good!


  • 30 ml peach schnapps
  • 1 tsp Baileys Irish Cream
  • 2 drops grenadine

Recipe credit:

8. Witches Brew

This layered cocktail looks impressive and tastes delicious53a05266774f2_-_cos-10-the-witches-brew-de

  • 60 ml midori
  • 30ml vodka
  • 15ml triple sec
  • 15ml lime juice
  • 3 strawberries

Recipe credit: Cosmopolitan

9. Corpse Reviver

This cocktail was actually invented as a hangover cure but with the amount of alcohol it includes, I’m not sure I’d want to try it! Anyway, it looks suitably spooky enough for Halloween.CorpseReviver1

  • 7ml gin
  • 7ml triple sec
  • 7ml vermouth
  • 7ml lemon juice
  • Glass rinsed in absinthe

Recipe credit: Boozenik

10. Drunken Spider

Yes this cocktail looks exactly like a giant spider has drowned in a glass of blood. Perfect for Halloween!


  • 2 parts creme de cassis
  • 3 parts vodka
  • 1 part triple sec
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1 part pomegranate juice
  • liquorice strings

Recipe credit: Talk of Tomatoes

The Best Halloween Garden Decorations in the UK

Decorating your home for Halloween should be more than just hanging up some streamers and putting a pumpkin lantern in the window. The first impression people get when they come trick-or-treating or arrive at your party is the front of your house and your garden and you’re really missing out on setting a spooky atmosphere if you don’t decorate your garden for Halloween.

Some of the most effective decorations I’ve seen for Halloween are for use outside – think about making your house look so scary that people will be scared to come to the front door! This is how you really turn your home into a creepy haunted house for the evening.

A graveyard in your garden

One of the scariest ideas I’ve seen for Halloween is turning your front garden into a graveyard. This can be truly scary at night especially if you add some atmospheric lighting and creepy props.

image credit:

How to recreate this look at home? First you’ll need some gravestones. You can make these yourself out of polystyrene and paint if you want, although it’s much quicker and easier to buy them ready made. This set of five gravestones is great value for money and looks really authentic. Buy a couple of sets for a really impressive look:

51-otKH3xeLbuy1._V192240163_To make the graves look really authentic, put them in the ground at random angles so it looks like they’ve been there a long time and are starting to deteriorate. Scattering dried leaves all over the ground is the perfect finishing touch. Luckily you can get these easily and free at this time of year – just go to your local park and gather them up. You’ll probably want to collect them over a few days so you have enough to cover your whole lawn. If you really want to terrify passing trick-or-treaters, you can lie down in the leaves and get up when they walk past!

You could also add an entrance sign for your graveyard like this one; “Last Stop Cemetery”


buy1._V192240163_Next consider adding some extra spooky props to your graveyard. These skeleton stakes are perfect as once they’re in the ground, it looks just like a skeleton is trying to dig its way out of the grave!

41Ag15qf28Lbuy1._V192240163_If your budget is a little higher, you won’t regret splashing out on a full skeleton – just imagine how terrified your visitors will be when you see one of these lying in a makeshift grave! What’s special about this skeleton is that it’s battery operated and the skull lights up and blinks on and off spookily.


buy1._V192240163_You could also scatter a few skulls around, maybe one half-buried. These life-size skulls look very realistic and make a fine Halloween prop.


buy1._V192240163_To make your graveyard look even more spooky, add some fake cobwebs hanging from the trees and between the gravestones. This stretchable spiderweb is very cheap so you can buy lots of it and each packet comes with a plastic spider – add a few more for extra effect.4119vD3dNrLbuy1._V192240163_In terms of lighting, for this look, the darker the better. Candles suit the mood and don’t light up the scene too much. As normal candles are a fire risk, it’s a good idea to invest in some electric flameless candles like these. They come with a remote control and a timer and look very realistic:


buy1._V192240163_These LED solar jars are also very effective if scattered around on the ground and hanging from trees. As they’re solar powered, you don’t have to worry about batteries and they’re a really versatile outdoor light that you can use at any time of year, not just Halloween – they’ll look really beautiful in your garden when it’s returned to its normal state!


buy1._V192240163_Finally, if you can fit it in your budget, a fog machine will really make a world of difference in creating that spooky graveyard atmosphere. Fog machines these days are very compact and much cheaper than you might think, for example this one is currently less than £30.

Festive and fun outdoor Halloween decorations

You don’t have to make your garden terrifying if you’re trying to create an impressive look for Halloween. If you’re hosting a party for kids or expecting lots of young trick-or-treaters it’s probably not a good idea to create the graveyard look above as it might be a little too scary for your younger visitors.

Instead you can create a fun look with novelty lights, friendly ghosts, funny pumpkins and other not so scary Halloween symbols.

If you’re going for this look, the lighting is probably the most important part. Fairy lights always work well and you might want to think about what colours or designs will work best with your garden and your other garden halloween decorations. plain white fairy lights are fine, but orange or green versions work even better for halloween. You could also use a rope light to guide the path to your front door for trick-or-treaters, like this one:


buy1._V192240163_you can also get fairy lights in novelty shapes for halloween, which should be put in a prominent place like around the entrance to your house. Try eyeballs:




buy1._V192240163_or pumpkins:


buy1._V192240163_novelty lanterns like the ones below also help to light up your garden and brighten things up. Don’t forget to add some traditional carved pumpkin jack-o-lanterns too.


buy1._V192240163_Once you’ve got your lighting sorted, you can choose some other fun props to place around the garden. Remember to keep it funny rather than too scary. Something like this giant spider is a good choice – kids know spiders are supposed to be a scary Halloween thing but this one has a face that’s too funny to be scary. These are also so cheap that you could buy several of them if you have a large garden. Maybe construct a giant spiderweb out of string or spray-paint one on your lawn:


buy1._V192240163_These pumpkin bags are a really simple, cheap and easy Halloween garden decoration and they’re also useful for collecting fallen leaves and other garden waste. Don’t use normal black bags when you can use these fun Halloween ones that double up as an outside decoration!


buy1._V192240163_These hanging ghosts are a cute idea if you have trees in your garden and they also look funny instead of scary so you won’t run the risk of terrifying any neighbourhood kids:


buy1._V192240163_A fun sign at the entrance of your garden can also show that you welcome trick-or-treaters and you’re getting in the Halloween spirti:

3137EvWVgJLbuy1._V192240163_If you’re looking to make a big statement, something like this giant inflatable ghost is eyecatching but as it’s not realistic, it’s not too scary. You can also get these giant inflatables as a witch and other designs.



Cheap Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, you don’t need to blow your budget to create a spooky atmosphere. Halloween decorations are easy to make yourself and supplies can be bought very cheaply. If you’ve got kids, getting them to help you make the decorations is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy together and the result will be scary enough to impress all the witches ghouls and ghosts that attend your party.

Halloween lighting

Getting the lighting right is one of the key aspects to creating a spooky Halloween atmosphere. You need enough light to see by but basically, the darker, the better!

Carving some pumpkin jack-o-lanterns and displaying them in your window, at your front door, and as a Halloween table centerpiece is a traditional, cheap and easy way to create a Halloween atmosphere in your home.

If you don’t have time to carve lots of lanterns out of pumpkins, or you just want to add to the overall effect, Halloween paper lanterns are also really effective. I love these paper bag lanterns that are really cheap and effective and made from special flame retardant paper. You could also make your own out of normal paper bags but don’t put proper candles inside as this could be a fire risk – use a torch or some electric tea lights instead.



In addition to lanterns, candles always look very spooky on Halloween but they can be a fire risk. Make sure you put all candles in suitable holders or use battery-powered LED candles instead. These come in various different colours so you can create some really atmospheric looks:

41hS2PkciiLbuy1._V192240163_You can also give your existing home lighting a spooky look by covering lamp shades in orange tissue or crepe paper, or replacing your existing lampshades with some Halloween ones like these:

41VZmE8hkrLbuy1._V192240163_These are also great hung up without lights in just as normal decorations. If you’re really short on cash and feeling crafty, you can buy plain white paper lamp shades and paint them or cover them with tissue paper to decorate them

halloween party decorations

Remember you don’t want to make your house too scary if you’re hosting a party for young children! If this is the case, create a festive mood by hanging up lots of black and orange balloons and make some easy party streamers and garlands out of black and orange crepe paper.31a3I3gAH-Lbuy1._V192240163_If you’re hosting a Halloween party for older children, teenagers or adults, then you can have a bit more fun and make your house as scary as you dare! Creating a haunted house atmosphere inside your home is much cheaper and easier than you might think.

Fake cobwebs are very inexpensive and effective. This one even comes with a free spider included! You simply stretch it out until it’s web-like and drape it over the area you want to look cobwebby. One packet covers up to 40 square feet!4119vD3dNrLbuy1._V192240163_Another very inexpensive decorating idea is to put up some spooky portraits on the wall, or cover the pictures in your existing frames with scary pictures. These Gothic Mansion Portraits are very cheap and easily transform any home into a spooky haunted house. Alternatively you could create your own portraits using photos of family members, edited to look like zombies or vampires – Picmonkey has a free online set of Halloween tools to do this easily using your own photos.



Halloween table decorations

It’s worth putting a bit of thought into how you display your halloween party food. Of course the most effective way to make your Halloween feast look good is by making creepy-looking food. Check out this post for some ideas and inspiration.

As already mentioned, a pumpkin jack-o-lantern makes a great table centerpiece and you can also use hollowed out pumpkins for serving soup and other savoury dishes.

A simple black table cloth is often very effective or you could use a special printed Halloween tablecloth like this cobweb one or even this one dripping with blood:



Halloween Food Ideas and Recipes for a Spooky Party

One of the most fun parts of planning a Halloween party is the food. Whether you’re hosting a party for kids or grownups, it’s a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild and come up with some crazy food ideas that look gruesome but taste delicious

Spider cakes

spider_buns_200x150A fun recipe that the kids will love to help make. These are simple fairy cakes decorated with chocolate, white chocolate buttons and red liquorice laces. See netmums for the full recipe


Witches brew

recipe-image-legacy-id--559618_11This pea and bacon soup is fun and tasty but also really healthy and a good way to get some veggies into kids that might otherwise avoid anything green. You can make this at any time of the year but it’s a really warming and extra spooky recipe at Halloween! See BBC Good Food for the full recipe





Toffee apples

toffee-applesA Halloween classic, no party is complete without toffee apples. This also provides a fun activity if you allow the kids to decorate their own apples. See Good To Know for the full recipe


Sausage and Pumpkin Casserole

sausagepumpkinandsag_92737_16x9This filling recipe is a good way to use up left over pumpkin from your jack-o-lantern carving and is popular with the whole family. See BBC Food for the full recipe


Witches Hat biscuits

Halloween-recipes-witchs-hatThese Halloween biscuits look impressive but are actually really easy to make and are constructed simply from digestive biscuits and ice cream cones. See Good To Know for the full recipe.


Marshmallow Ghosts

ghost-marshmallows_0These are really fun little Halloween sweets that you can get the kids to help make. They look great but are super quick and easy to make. See for the full recipe.


Sausage Mummies

Halloween-recipes-sausage-mummiesA spooky twist on a classic recipe! kids and adults alike will love this Halloween sausage rolls and they’re easy to make with a pack of readymade shortcrust pastry. See Good To Know for the full recipe



Scary Halloween Jelly

recipe-image-legacy-id--1115464_11This would make an amazing centerpiece for your Halloween party. It looks hard to make but is easily created with fruit, marizpan and a bit of pipe-on icing. See BBC Good Food for the full recipe.


Eyeball Pops

recipe-image-legacy-id--1095456_10A creepy version of the cake pops that have become so popular in recent years. The kids will love these and they’re a lot easier to make than they look – you just need a pre-packaged cake, oreo cookies, and chocolate and smarties to decorate. See BBC Good Food for the full recipe.