10 Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipes

If you’re hosting a Halloween party for grown-ups, you’ll want to make the night go with a bang with the addition of some creepy alcoholic beverages that are delicious as well as scary.

Once you’ve chosen your drinks, don’t forget to display them in an imaginative way. The addition of something like this creepy skull ice bucket can transform even ordinary drinks into something spooky:


buy1._V192240163_Also check out our post on Halloween table decorations for some serving ideas and creepy looking Halloween food to create the ultimate Halloween buffet.

1. Halloween Punch

You can customise this creepy cocktails to your own tastes and add as much vodka as you dare. Don’t serve this one if there will be kids at your party – the gummi worms are very enticing!


  • 500ml cranberry juice
  • 1.5 litres lemonade
  • Juice of 3 limes
  • large handful gummi worms
  • Vodka to taste

Recipe credit: BBC food

2. Bloody Mary

This classic cocktail is the ideal choice for Halloween and you can easily make virgin versions for non-drinkers.


  • 2 Ice cubes
  • Double shot of vodka
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 6 dashes Worcestershire sauce
  • 3 dashes Tobasco sauce
  • 150ml tomato juice
  • pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper

Recipe credit : BBC food

3. Blood Orange shots

These novelty cocktails look great on your Halloween table and can be prepared and refrigerated over night. For the full effect, you’ll need to buy some test-tubes for serving.


Recipe credit: Martha Stewart

4. Bleeding Heart Martini

The ‘bleeding heart’ in this cocktail is made from a pickled beetroot speared with a cocktail stick and looks very realistic! This recipe makes 4 glasses.


  • 60ml dry vermouth
  • 250ml gin
  • Ice cubes
  • 4 pickled baby beetroots

Recipe credit: Martha Stewart

5. Martini with Lychee eyeballs

Use the basic martini recipe above and substitute the beetroot heart with an ‘eyeball’ made from tinned lychees stuffed with a cranberry or blueberry


Recipe credit: Martha Stewart

6. Down The Abyss

This spooky looking cocktail gets its look from the addition of black vodka, which is a great drink to have in your Halloween drinks cabinet. If you don’t want to get too complicated when you’re creating cocktails, just mix it with fruit juice or soda for a creepy alcoholic beverage.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.17.41 PM

Recipe credit: Blavod Vodka

7. Brain Haemorrhage

This disgusting looking cocktail actually looks like a brain floating in a glass and this effect is created by curdling Irish cream by adding it to schnapps. It may look horrible but it tastes pretty good!


  • 30 ml peach schnapps
  • 1 tsp Baileys Irish Cream
  • 2 drops grenadine

Recipe credit: Food.com

8. Witches Brew

This layered cocktail looks impressive and tastes delicious53a05266774f2_-_cos-10-the-witches-brew-de

  • 60 ml midori
  • 30ml vodka
  • 15ml triple sec
  • 15ml lime juice
  • 3 strawberries

Recipe credit: Cosmopolitan

9. Corpse Reviver

This cocktail was actually invented as a hangover cure but with the amount of alcohol it includes, I’m not sure I’d want to try it! Anyway, it looks suitably spooky enough for Halloween.CorpseReviver1

  • 7ml gin
  • 7ml triple sec
  • 7ml vermouth
  • 7ml lemon juice
  • Glass rinsed in absinthe

Recipe credit: Boozenik

10. Drunken Spider

Yes this cocktail looks exactly like a giant spider has drowned in a glass of blood. Perfect for Halloween!


  • 2 parts creme de cassis
  • 3 parts vodka
  • 1 part triple sec
  • 1 part lemon juice
  • 1 part pomegranate juice
  • liquorice strings

Recipe credit: Talk of Tomatoes

Best Couples Dress-up Ideas for Halloween

Getting dressed up for Halloween is loads of fun but what’s even more fun is finding two complementary ideas for costumes that you can wear as a couple. Whether you’re looking for an idea for costumes to attend a Halloween party with your husband or you’re searching for cute things to be for Halloween with your best friend, there are lots of scary, funny and cute ideas here to give you inspiration:

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the tale of Jack Skellington, pumpkin king of Halloween town, who discovers Christmas town and decides to kidnap Santa. Sally is a living rag doll who is in love with Jack.

Jack and Sally Halloween costumes are quite unusual but most people have seen the movie so you should be instantly recognisable, especially if you go as a couple.

This Jack Skellington costume is very true to how the character looks in the movie:41JTV5W0Z2Lbuy1._V192240163_If you’re on a budget, you can create your own costume fairly easily by searching charity shops for a black and white pinstripe jacket and pairing with black trousers, a white undershirt and white gloves, that most of us will either have in the house already or can be bought cheaply. Then finish off the look with a Jack Skellington mask like this one:3104VeUPcjL._AA160_buy1._V192240163_if you’re not keen on wearing masks then you could also create a Jack Skellington face yourself using makeup:

The matching Sally costume is equally authentic, with a patchwork dress, gloves and red wig. You’ll need to buy some white tights and find a pair of black boots to wear to complete the outfit:


buy1._V192240163_This costume didn’t look quite right to me when I first saw it and I couldn’t figure out why, then I realised that it’s really the makeup that makes this costume. As long as you get the makeup right, you can probably get away with wearing any dress!

Shrek and Princess Fiona

Another famous cartoon couple that make a great idea for costumes for Halloween. These costumes contain all you need including a Shrek mask and princess Fiona’s wig.


buy1._V192240163_Alice in Wonderland and The Mad Hatter

Alice is one of those costumes that you can either make cute and girly or you can create a “Dark” Alice for Halloween or even a zombie Alice in Wonderland, with makeup. Whatever look you go for, the base costume is the same, and this Alice dress is perfect worn with some stripy stockings and a blonde wig:


buy1._V192240163_The Mad Hatter is of course the perfect accompanying costume to go with Alice. This is a really fun costume to wear and if you don’t have the budget to buy the whole Mad Hatter costume, just get the hat and deconstruct an old brown or tweed suit (easily picked up in a charity shop) to look a bit whacky:



Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon the dragon from game of thrones

A few years ago, the must-have Game of Thrones Halloween costume was Khaleesi and Khal Drogo, but The Mother of Dragons has changed quite a lot since then and Khal Drogo popped his clogs a while ago. Luckily there are plenty of Daenerys costumes featuring her latest look (or you could make one yourself with a long blue dress and a blonde wig):




buy1._V192240163_Now there’s not going to be a way around looking slightly comical dressed as a dragon for Halloween, so this is more of a funny costume than a scary one. Alternatively if you’re ditching your other half or can persuade him to go as another character (John Snow is a popular and easy one), you could just buy this highly detailed Drogon plush toy as a prop:411fSuAVvQL._SX425_buy1._V192240163_If you do get roped into dressing up as Drogon, then you’re probably going to end up in something like this…. sorry!



Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

This is another costume where you can choose between making it sweet and sexy or dark and scary. Again, the man gets the short straw but at least there are some pretty convincing and scary wolf costumes out there.


buy1._V192240163_This is the best wolf costume that I found that’s actually the big bad wolf wearing Granny’s nightdress. This actually makes it scarier!



Corpse bride and groom51ldItZVv2L

buy1._V192240163_A perfectly creepy costume idea for newlyweds that can be made completely terrifying with clever makeup.

Best Halloween Books for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

Halloween can be a scary time of year for young children. Until about the age of 5, children can’t distinguish fantasy from reality so the idea of ghosts, witches and things that go bump in the night can be terrifying for little ones.

Halloween can also be lots of fun if you celebrate it in the right way and it’s a great opportunity to have fun playing with your kids, getting dressed up, doing fun craft projects and making tasty Halloween food together. One of the best ways you can help to prepare young children for Halloween so that they see it as something to get excited about and not something scary is to read books with them.

Halloween themed books for young kids are a great way to prepare them for everything they might experience and to introduce ghosts, ghouls, bats and other spooky creatures as being funny rather than scary!

Here is my pick of the best for kids aged around 2-5

Haunted House by Jan Pienkowski

517FFJSGP2Lkitchen01 bathroom01

buy1._V192240163_This was one of my favourite books when I was little and we actually have a signed copy somewhere. The detail in this book is just incredible with illustrations even behind the pop-ups (where of course little kids love to look). My kids love pop-up books and I’m definitely going to get this one for them now they’re old enough not to destroy them! This book is a bit creepy but i think kids are just so in awe of the pop-up illustrations that they forget to be scared!

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson


buy1._V192240163_You can’t go wrong with Julia Donaldson and Room on the Broom is almost as big a hit with my kids as The Gruffalo. It’s on a witchy theme but it’s not at all scary and there are lots of funny rhymes that children love to repeat. This is one of those books that they’ll soon know off by heart and be able to “read” themselves.

Winnie the Witch

Unknownbuy1._V192240163_Another witchy book. This one’s a classic that recently was published as a special 25th anniversary edition. Winnie has a problem – being a witch, everything in her house is black. The chairs are blag, the floor is black and the stairs are black. The problem is that Winnie’s cat is also black so she keeps tripping over him. Winnie decides to do some magic on her cat with hilarious consequences. Pre-schoolers love reading this funny book and the illustrations are lovely and detailed. It’s not scary at all, just a sweet and funny story.

peppa’s pumpkin Party
51SU0YsayWL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_buy1._V192240163_Ah well we can’t suggest books for the toddler set without including Peppa Pig these days can we? If you have a young child then Peppa Pig probably needs no introduction and I don’t have to read this book to know that both my kids would love it!

Spider Sandwiches

buy1._V192240163_Max is a monster who loves to eat discusting food! Pre-schoolers will love looking at all the pictures and saying “eww! yuck!” This is a funny rhyming book with lovely illustrations.

Go Away Big Green Monster!


buy1._V192240163_My kids have an interactive version of this book on the Kindle Fire and they love it! As you turn the pages, bits of the monster disappear until he’s completely gone! If your kids are scared of monsters, this is a great book to help them conquer their fears and the simple words and illustrations make it great for even the youngest of children.

Meg and Mog


buy1._V192240163_I remember reading the Meg and Mog series of books when I was a child and they were some of my favourite books. This is the first book in which Meg goes to a Halloween party and things don’t go exactly to plan. Young kids love the simple illustrations and there are great opportunities to discuss things happening within the story.

10 Trick-or-Treaters

buy1._V192240163_This rhyming Halloween counting book is beautifully illustrated and is great fun for kids who are learning to count. If this is the first year your kids are going trick-or-treating, this is a lovely book to introduce the tradition to them, with lots of funny things happening as you go through the book.

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus

buy1._V192240163_If your kids like the Wheels on the bus song (mine do!), they’ll love this Halloween sing-a-long version with cute and spooky illustrations and simple counting activities.

Ten Timid Ghosts

buy1._V192240163_Another fun Halloween counting book with lovely illustrations that’s easy to follow and not at all scary – a nice bedtime book for the runup to Halloween.

Funnybones – Janet & Allan Ahlberg

buy1._V192240163_Another classic! The Funnybones series about a family of skeletons (and their pets!) has been delighting kids for over 30 years. Children can quickly memorise the story due to the repetitive nature of the language… “On a dark dark hill, there was a dark dark town. In the dark dark town there was a dark dark street” and there’s even a little bit of a scare, which most kids love!

Halloween Onesies for Adults

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that onesies are comfortable and at a time like Halloween when everyone is out in costume and won’t question what you wear, it’s the perfect time to wear them out in public! So whether you just want to wear your pajamas down to the shop or you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume this year, here are our pick of cute and spooky onesies for grownups:

Cat onesie


buy1._V192240163_I think this onesie is supposed to be cute but there’s something terrifying about it all the same. This onesie comes in four sizes based on height and fits up to 190cm tall.

Roadkill Onesie


buy1._V192240163_After something a little more terrifying? This roadkill costume comes complete with tyre track print and looks perfect for Halloween with some scary makeup

Bat onsie


buy1._V192240163_This bat costume is cute but still suitably spooky for Halloween. Made of flannel, it’s comfortable enough to sleep in.

Superman Onesie

41iUnarEWqLbuy1._V192240163_Want to play dress-up like you did when you were a kid? this superman onesie is just like the children’s costumes in an adult size. It’s an instant costume that’s suitable for Halloween or a fancy dress party at any other time of the year. You might even like to wear it for lazing around the house on a Sunday!

Pikachu onesie


buy1._V192240163_Here’s a cute one – why not dress up as everyone’s favourite Pokémon for Halloween? This comfortable flannel onesie also works great as cosy pyjamas.

Monsters Inc Sulley Onesie

buy1._V192240163_you’re a monster so you’re good to go for halloween but you’re still a cute monster! This onesie looks exactly like one of those novelty onesies for babies, blown up to adult size. If you’re a fan of the Monsters inc movie, you have to get this costume. Actually my little girl could almost pass for Boo, so I’m thinking about it for myself!

Despicable Me Minions Onesie

buy1._V192240163_This onesie somehow manages to look halfway like a normal outfit while still being obvious that you’re dressed up as a cartoon character. A great outfit for Halloween, fancy dress parties or to delight your kids.

Stitch onesie41RXuUeX7IL

buy1._V192240163_Are you sensing a theme here? It just seems that cartoon characters make great onesie costumes. I love Lilo and Stitch and Stitch is technically a scary criminal alien monster thing, so this is a highly appropriate costume for Halloween, no matter how cute it looks!

Cheshire Cat Onesie

buy1._V192240163_If your partner or friend is dressing as Alice from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween, this Cheshire Cat outfit would make a wonderful matching costume. You just can’t beat pink stripes! and it has a tail!

Skeleton Onesie41ER7GecJIL

buy1._V192240163_ok back to the not so cute onesies with this Halloween classic – the skeleton. Many skeleton costumes are tight and form fitting, which you don’t necessarily want unless you have an amazing body. Wearing this onesie lets you look like a skeleton without being self conscious.

Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Onesie

buy1._V192240163_Another skeleton onesie, this one inspired by the character Jack Skellington from the animated movie, Nightmare Before Christmas. Always a popular theme for Halloween.

Devil Onesie


buy1._V192240163_A great unisex Halloween onesie that could be cute or scary, depending on the makeup you wear with it. Sure to inspire some laughs at your next Halloween party!

The Ultimate Guide to UK & Ireland Ghost Walks

The UK has a long and bloody history with stories of ghosts and hauntings in pretty much every town and village, going back thousands of years. So it’s no surprise that you can find some of the best ghost walks in the world here. What is a ghost walk? It’s basically a tour around a town or a building, visiting areas which are said to have a paranormal presence or maybe that just have a spooky story associated with them. Some ghost walks are strictly fact and history based while others have actors that jump out at various points, designed to scare you! Some ghost walks are more fun and interesting than scary and talk about the history of old buildings and the ghost stories surrounding them. Many of these walks are suitable for families with children and take place in the early evening when it’s just getting dark. Other ghost tours take place late at night in haunted houses and areas reputed to have a lot of poltergeist activity and can be really terrifying – especially at Halloween! I’ve compiled this giant list of the best ghost walks across the UK so wherever you are, you can easily find a spooky ghost tour near you. If I’ve missed your ghost walk, please contact me with details for it to be added to the list.


Ghost Walks of Bath – walking tours around the city including the Theatre Royal, The Circus, Royal Crescent and The Assembly Rooms on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Walks start at 8pm from outside the Garricks Head. Booking is not required and you can just turn up on the night but groups of 10 or more must pre-book and pay a deposit. £8 for adults and £6 for kids. The walk on Halloween night is always full and so should be booked in advance. This is not a terribly scary ghost walk and is suitable for kids – you can even book your kids birthday party around this ghost walk!


Supernatural Ghost Tour – This tour led by a tour guide from the Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association guides you around the dock and pump house of the Titanic, with access to EMF detectors that pick up on paranormal energy. Tours are every Wednesday and Friday at 9pm and cost £10 per person. There is also a special Halloween tour and event from the 24th – 31st of October. Tours can be booked via the website. The Ghost Bus Tour – Tour around Belfast’s most Ghostly sites on the Ghost Bus! Learn about famous murders, body snatchers and executions. Tours start at 6.15pm and 8.15pm. Adult tickets are £15 and kids are £8.


Birmingham Ghost Walks – A walking tour through the city’s past exploring tales of the plague, executions, hauntings and murder. Choose from a graveyard ghost walk through four of the city’s graveyards or the Sinister City Ghost Walk, concentrating on the Victorian heart of the old city. Walks start at 7pm on the first and third Friday of each month. There is also a special Halloween tour on the 31st of October. Tickets cost £8 per person or £13 on Halloween.


Ghost Walk of The Lanes Brighton’s Ghost Walk of The Lanes runs Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7.30pm. The walk starts at the Druids Head on Brighton  Place and visits eight haunted sites within the historic Lanes of Brighton. Tickets cost £8 for adults and £4 for children and pre-booking is not necessary.


Haunted and Hidden Ghost Walk – this tour around Bristol’s spookiest areas has been featured on Most Haunted and visits a 16th century haunted house, a haunted cinema, a church with a ghostly monk and several other scary locations. It leaves from Bristol Cathedral every Friday night at 8pm and there are special Halloween night walks at 7pm and 9pm. Tickets cost £5 and advance booking is required.


Canterbury Ghost Tour – the Canterbury Ghost Hunter will guide you on a 90 minute walk around the streets of Canterbury to visit the city’s most haunted locations. Tours run every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm from Allberry’s Wine Bar on St Margarets Street. Ghost walkers can turn up on the night or can book online. Tickets cost £10 for adults and £8.50 for children.


Llandaff Ghost Walk – Llandaff is an ancient city within Cardiff and this ghost walk explores some of the haunting tales of days gone by, through country lanes, graveyards and old ruins. Tickets are £10 per person and booking is essential. The check-in time is 8.45 pm. The tour starts from Llandaff cathedral, 15 minutes by bus or car from Cardiff centre.

Margam Ghost Walk – this ghost walk takes place around the park and ruins of Margam Abbey and inside Margam castle. The walk takes about 2 hours and must be booked in advance. Tickets are £15 per person.

Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour – the Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour takes in spooky sights on a walk around Cathay’s park. The tour starts from the National Museum of Wales and costs £5 per head but only group bookings with a minimum of 10 people are possible. There’s also a Halloween special walk starting at 7pm that individuals can join but it’s essential to book in advance.


Chester Ghost Tours – explore the darkest places of Chester’s past and hear creepy ghost stories as you go. Ghost walks start at 7.30pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, outside the Town Hall. Tickets cost £9 for adults and £8 for kids and booking is recommended. There’s also a special ghost walk taking place this Halloween night.


Ghosthunting CornwallGhosthunting Cornwall run several regular ghost walks in the Cornwall area including Penzance, St Ives and Falmouth. Walks are hosted by a local ghost expert who has appeared on several TV programmes. Walks cost £6 for adults and £4 for children and booking is not necessary.

Shanty Baba Lantern Ghost Storywalk – this is a tour of the most scary places in St Ives including alleyways, graveyards and haunted houses. Tickets cost £6 for adults and £4 for children. Booking is not necessary and the walk departs from  Wescott’s Quay at different times, depending on the time of year – check the website for dates and times.


Spookhunters History Coventry Ghost Walk – Spookhunters ghost walks take place on the last Friday of every month and cover unexplained events and the haunted history of Coventry. Walks start at 6.30pm and last for about 2 hours. Tickets cost £7.50 for adults and £5 for kids, booking is recommended. There’s also a special Halloween ghost hunt at Stoneleigh Abbey

Guiding You Ghost Walks – Guiding You ghost walks are an atmospheric tour around the city with a Victorian theme and led by Victorian characters. Adults tickets are £9 and kids are £7. Bookings must be made in a group of at least 12.


Derby Ghost Walks The original Derby Ghost Walks was established 22 years ago and has been scaring visitors to the city ever since. The City Centre Ghost Walk starts from The Old Bell Inn and visits Derby’s first jail, the tunnels beneath Guild Hall, the most haunted pub in Derbyshire and Shire Hall. Friargate Walk starts and ends at Derby Gaol and visits several locations where murders took place or that are reputed to be haunted. Ghost walks start at 7pm and must be booked in advance. Tickets cost £21 per person and £18 for children. See the website for calendar and availability.


The Dublin Ghost Bus Tour – The ghostbus takes you to visit the Hellfire Clubroom with haunted museum, the Victorian Theatre, the home of Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, the College of Surgeons, St James’s Graveyard and Christchurch crypt. Tickets cost €28 and this tour is only suitable for adults and children over the age of 14. The tour runs on Mondays and Thursdays at 8pm and Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and 9pm.

Hidden Dublin Haunted History Walking Tour – This 45 minute walking tour allows you to explore the most haunted places in Dublin, hearing tales of murders, hauntings, witches and bodysnatchers as you go. The walk runs throughout the year every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, with extra dates at Halloween. Tickets cost €13 per person and the tours start at 8pm

The Gravedigger Ghost Tour – Another ghost bus tour, which includes the Haunted History Walking Tour run by Hidden Dublin. The tour covers the plague-ridden history of Dublin and starts from Trinity College and visits St Audeons (AKA “Hell”!),Kilmainham jail, and The Gravediggers Pub for some bodysnatching live theatre. Tickets cost €25 per person and start at 7.45pm.

Northside Ghost Walking Tour – this walk visits the medieval Oxmantown, two of the most haunted houses in Dublin, Croppie’s Acre mass grave, and the site of the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Tours take approximately 2 hours and tickets cost US$15.


The Original Dudley Ghost Tour – this walk starts and finishes at The Station Hotel, once of the most haunted locations in Dudley. It visits several spooky sights including Dudley Castle. The tour has run since 1993 and includes scary sightings of ghostly actors. Tickets cost £8 and must be bought in advance. The tour starts at 8pm and runs every Wednesday.


City of the Dead – This ghost walk has earned several awards and has been named “Britain’s Best Ghost Walk” by Yahoo travel, scare.com and Virgin Media. The company runs several different ghost walks around the city including Underground City of the Dead tour, through the South Bridge Vaults; City of the Dead Haunted Graveyard with its famous ghost, the Mackenzie Poltergeist; and The Double Deald Walk covering the South Bridge Vaults and Greyfriars Graveyard. Tours cost £10 – £13 for adults and £8 – £9 for children and run between one and three times every evening (extra times for Halloween)

Auld Reekie Tours – Auld Reekie is another very popular ghost walk company in Edinburgh that runs several ghost tours including the vaults and graveyard, “Old Town”, ghost and torture tour and a guided tour of the South Bridge vaults. Tours cost between £9 and £12 and run nightly. Some walks are suitable for adults only.

New Edinburgh The Dark Side – this walking tour explores the alleyways, graveyards and witch trial locations of Edinburgh’s gruesome past. Tickets cost £10 and kids are free to join with an adult. Tours can also be conducted in Spanish. Tours run every night of the week and start at 9pm

Cadies & Witchery Tours – a guided walking tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town with a theatrical guide and various spooky actor characters along the way. Tours are designed to be more funny than scary but you might get a few shocks! Adult tickets cost £9 and children are £6. Tours run every night and times vary throughout the year.

The Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour – A theatrical ghost hunting tour on a classic 1960’s double decker bus. Learn about the dark history of Edinburgh including witches, ghosts, grave robbers and plague victims. Tours cost £16 or £14 for kids and run every night of the week at 7.30 pm (there is a second tour at 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights).

The Real Mary King’s Close – More live theatre than a walking tour, Mary King’s Close is a labyrinth of underground streets, brought to life by costumed character tour guides telling stories of the murders, hauntings and gruesome history of some of Edinburgh’s oldest streets. Tours cost £13.95 per person or £8.25 for children and must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. The attraction is open every day except Christmas day and tours run every 15 minutes.

Edinburgh’s Ghosts and Ghouls Evening Walking Tour – This nightly tour leaves at 8pm from the Mercat Cross and visits ancient haunted sites, the Blair Street Vaults and finishes with refreshments and ghostly tales in the candlelit Megget’s Cellar. Tickets cost £14-£15 for adults and £12 – £13 for children.

Free Ghost Tour – this free ghost walk tour (yes, it’s really free! But tips for the guide are encouraged) lasts 1.5 hours and covers some of the spookiest sites of Edinburgh’s dark history including murderers, a haunted graveyard, body snatchers and witch trials. Walks run every evening at 7 and 9pm from the Royal Mile.


Hangman’s Hill Halloween Ghost Walk – This spooky ghost walk has been featured on the TV series Most Haunted and includes stops at several local haunted locations, ghost stories and a seance in the woods. £18 per person from 10.30pm on Halloween night and suitable for adults over the age of 18 only.

Colchester Ghost Tours – Exploring the spookiest parts of ancient Colchester, this ghost walk runs on the first Thursday of every month at 7.30pm from outside Colchester Town Hall. Tours are run by local ghost expert Derek Wray and cost £7.50 per person.


Trevor Rooney’s Ghost Walk of Glasgow – Trevor Rooney is famous for starting the first theatrical ghost walk in York and has now brought the concept to Glasgow. The walk starts from the Glasgow Cathedral district and stops at places that have made their mark in the dark side of Glasgow’s history. Tickets cost £10 per adult and £5 per child daily from 7.30pm but only runs if there are at least 10 people booked onto the walk.

Spirit of Glasgow Horror Walk – the horror walks organised by Spirit of Glasgow feature a costumed guide to show you around some of Glasgow’s most infamous locations where you can learn about the history and hauntings around the Blythswood Square area. Tickets cost £12 each and start at 7pm. Booking is essential.


Gloucester Ghost Walks – offering various walking routes around Gloucester to visit the most haunted locations including Cafe Rene which has a 600 year old well inside the building, a 10th century spooky alley, Black Friars Priory and Gloucester Prison. Tours run on Wednesday nights at 8pm and Thursday nights at 6.30pm. Tickets cost £6 for adults and £4 for kids and pre-booking is essential.


The Ghost Tour of Guilford – This ghost hunting tour was founded in 2001 and runs from Good Friday until the end of November, on every Friday night at 8pm. The walk visits 20 mysterious and haunted sites including Holy Trinity Church, Tunsgate, the castle grounds and The Angel Hotel.


Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk – this ghost walk guides you through the spookiest passageways of old Hastings. The tour starts at “The Chessboard” and dates and times vary throughout the year – please check the website for upcoming dates. Tickets cost £8.50 for adults and £6 for children. The Halloween night walk costs £12 for adults and £10 for kids.


Ghost Walks Hull – this company offers several routes around the most spooky locations in Hull including The Old Town, The Docklands and The Inner Sanctum. There is also a special Halloween Ghost Tour held at the Guildhall on Halloween night. Tickets for all walking tours cost £15 – see the website for dates and times.

Amazing Hull Tours – running several ghost walks on various themes including Jack the Ripper, Ghosts and Legends of Old Hull, Unexplainable Hull, Haunted Inns and Hosteleries, The Ghosts of Beverly, Ghosts of Cottingham and more. Tours cost £4 per person and run throughout the year. See the website for more information.

Tour Hull – offers a ghost and history tour of Hull and Beverly ghost walks. Tickets cost £3.50 per person and must be booked in advance.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight Ghost Experience – regular ghost walks that run every year from March until the end of October. Locations include Shanklin Old Village, Newport, Carisbrooke Castle, Arreton, St Catherine’s Lighthouse and the Botanical Gardens in Ventnor. All walks start at 8pm and cost £9 for adults and £6 for children.


Haunted Rochester Ghost Walk – this walk explores the historic town of Rochester which has many spooky tales and even Charles Dickens is said to haunt the High Street. The walk takes place on the last Sunday of every month at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £4 for adults and £2.50 for children.


Darker Side of Leeds – an insight into the seedier side of Leeds history including witchcraft, body snatching and more, with local ghost expert and author of the book, Haunted Leeds, Ken Goor. The walks start from the Corn Exchange at various times and dates – see the calendar on the website for details. Tickets are £5 per person and accompanying children are free.

Halloween Ghost Walk – another one of Ken Goor’s ghost tours, running on Halloween night at 6.45pm and 8.45pm (the later walk starts from outside the Town Hall)


Haunted Leicester – These guided walks are ideal for anyone interested in the history of Leicester and visit the haunted streets of Old Town, Grey Friars, Leicester Castle and Turret Gateway. Tickets cost £5 per person and run from the Town Hall at 7pm on selected nights of the year. Other walks run by the same guide include “The Haunted City”, “Walk in Dread”, “The Shades of Night”, “Tales for Halloween” and “Goosepimples”, aimed at children.


The Original Lincoln Ghost Walk – See some of Lincoln’s scariest sites on this walk and hear ghost stories of times gone by as you explore Castle Square. the Cathedral, Bishops Tower and the Greenstone Steps. Tours run on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm from the Tourist Information Centre in Castle Square. Adult tickets are £4 and children pay £2.


Shiverpool Historic Ghost Walks – Liverpool’s original theatrical ghost tour is sure to scare you as you explore Liverpool’s most famous historic locations and discover the secrets to their grisly past. Walks run all year round and there are special tours scheduled for Halloween. Tickets cost £14 for adults and £11 for children. See website for dates and full details.

Haunted Liverpool Ghost Walks – Choose from the Haunted Halloween Graveyard Tour, The Pilgrim Ghost and Mystery Tour, The Georgian Quarter Tour, The Haunted City Tour or The Three Witches Ghost Tour. Each tour runs on different days at 8.15 in the winter and 9pm in the summer and tickets cost £11 for adults and £10 for children. See website for full schedule and details.


The London Ghost Bus Tour – a theatrical sightseeing tour onboard a classic 1960s red double decker bus. Visits the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St Pauls Cathedral and The Tower of London so you can learn about London’s most gruesome and grisly past. Tickets cost £21 for adults and £15 for children. Tours run daily at 7pm and 9pm

Insider London Famous Ghosts and Infamous Murders Walking Tour – explore the back streets of London’s West End as you hear creepy tales of the areas dark past. Highlights include a Victorian murder mystery, the hidden alleyways where Harry Potter and other films were filmed, plague pits and a haunted tunnel. Tours run every Friday and Saturday night from Tottenham Court Road tube station and cost £12 per person.

The Dark Streets of Haunted London – a walking tour guided by one of London’s longest running ghost tour guides, Richard Jones, who has been conducting ghost walks in the city for 33 years and has written 18 books on the paranormal. This tour takes you through one of the city’s most ancient quarters, including an old churchyard, a famous ghost, the spot where Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) was hung, drawn, and quartered,  and a ghostly photo spot where many walkers have seen shadowy figures on their pictures later. Walks run every Friday night at 7pm and cost £10 per person.

The Ghosts of The Old City – Another one of Richard Jones’s ghost walks, this one starts at one of London’s most haunted underground stations and winds round the old alleyways including the spot where Dickens set Scrooge’s Counting House in A Christmas Carol. This tour runs on Saturdays at 7.30pm from Bank underground station and costs £10 per person.

East End Tours London Ghost Walk – This nightly ghost walk takes you through London’s most haunted locations and its dark history in the company of a costumed Victorian guide at 7pm from Monument station, every night. Tickets cost £10 per person and children under 16 go free.

London Ghost Walks – offers a wide selection of different routes around the darker parts of London including “The West End Ghost Walk”, “Ghosts of The Old City”, “Ghosts, Gaslight and Guiness” and “Haunted London”. Tickets cost £10 for adults and £8 for children and walks run daily at 7.30pm – see the website for full schedule.

Best Tours London Ghost Walk – this walk includes visits to London’s most haunted park, a plague pit, St James’s Palace, London’s most haunted house, the Royal Academy, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Bridge and the Tower of London. Walks run Wednesday to Sunday at 7pm and must be booked in advance. Tour costs £20 per person.

Haunted London Walk – this 2-hour walk through the creepiest parts of London takes you through narrow alleyways and past ancient buildings where you may well feel the energy of those who have lived and died before you. Several walkers have reported seeing a strange ghostly presence on photos they’ve taken during this walk. The walk runs at 7.30pm on Fridays from Monument tube station. Tickets cost £10 for adults and £8 for kids and booking is not necessary.

Free London Ghost Tour – Dark Side of the Old City – this free walking tour explores the most haunting sites of the old city including “Smooth Field” execution site, London Bridge, a church that holds the remains of the woman who brought the plague to Britain, Cheapside, the Old Bailey Courthouse, Cock Lane and the largest Plague pit in England. The tour leaves from Farringdon underground station on selected dates and times – check the online calendar and book online. Pay whatever you feel the tour was worth at the end.

London’s Ghostly Haunts Walks – another “free” or tips-only walk around haunted theatres and pubs where you can hear ghostly tales of hauntings and other spooky stories. Walks leave from Temple station at 7pm on Thursdays and Saturdays. Booking is not necessary – just turn up.

Haunted Pub Tour – for those who prefer to combine their scary ghost walk with a little light refreshment, try this tour of London’s most haunted pubs and be regaled with stories of the real Sweeny Todd, the most prolific female serial killer in England’s history, a notorious Victorian prison and an ex opium den. Tours cost £20 and run every Wednesday at 7pm from Temple Station (please book first).


Flecky Bennett’s Manchester Ghost Walk – a spooky ghost walk led by your tour guide, the charismatic Flecky. The tour takes you around the darkest historic areas of the city where you can hear creepy tales of haunted happenings. Tickets cost £11 and can be bought online – see the website for full dates and times.

Haunted Underworld – an underground tour of  the spooky Georgian undercroft beneath the streets of the city of Manchester. There are many spooky stories to be told and the tour is completed in the darkness, so prepare to be scared! Tours run on Saturday afternoons at 1.30pm and cost £10 per person.


Newcastle’s Haunted City Tours – This company runs several ghost walks around Newcastle and Durham as well as haunted house ghost hunts and special Halloween events. Walks include “Ghosts of the Garth”, “Extreme Ghost Walk”, “Victorian Ghost Walk”, “Quayside Ghost Walk” and “Newcastle Witches Ghost Walk”. Halloween tours running in 2015 include Durham’s “The Haunting of Finchdale Farm” and special Halloween ghost walks in Newcastle. Tours start from £8.50 per person. See website for full details and dates.

City Tour – Ghostly and Grisly Quayside Tales – a circular heritage walk along the quayside with ghost stories, witches, bodies found in the river and murders on both sides of the Tyne. Tickets cost £3 – £4 and run on selected dates of the year.

Til Death Do Us Part Ghost Walk – one of England’s scariest ghost walks with a high level of paranormal activity. Join a paranormal investigator to delve into Newcastle’s grisly past including murderers, witch trials and hauntings at locations including the Castle Keep and Black Gate. Tickets cost £8.50 each and tours run once a month on Sunday evenings.


Norwich Ghost Walks – various ghost walks around Norwich that run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Explore The Lanes, Elm Hill, and the castle grounds, hearing tales or murders and hauntings. Walks cost £7 for adults and £5 for children and start from the Adam and Eve on Bishopsgate at 7.30pm.

Haunted River Tour – This candlelit boat tour takes you beneath the streets of Norwich to discover the haunted secrets of the waters and beyond. Tours can be booked for any time in the evening, adult tickets cost £12 and children are £6.


The Original Nottingham Ghost Tour – a walking ghost-story-telling tour around the streets of Nottingham, starting at the Salutation Inn and ending in the haunted caves. The walk runs every week on Saturday at 7pm. Over Halloween weekend the tour runs on more days and times. Tickets cost £6 for adults and £3 for children (£7 for both adults and kids at Halloween). Ezekial Bone Guts & Gore – Join your guide Mr Bone to hear tales of the horrible history of Nottingham including murders, hanging, grave-robbing and more. Tours start from Cross Keys at 7pm on selected nights of the year. Tickets cost £7 per person.


Oxford Ghost Tours – A journey through the ancient streets of Oxford, hearing bone-chilling tales of the shadowy past. Tours run every night of the week at varying times, depending on the season – check the website for full schedule. Tickets cost £9.95 for adults and £4.95 for children under 16.

Bill Spectre’s Ghost Trails – discover a different side of Oxford on this award-winning tour around the city in hunt of ghosts. The tours run every Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm outside the tourist information centre. Tickets cost £8 for adults and £4 – £6 for children.


Peterborough Ghost Walk – this walk starts from Peterborough’s most haunted building – the museum and travels through the city centre and the Cathedral district, stopping off at sites of hauntings with a good dose of creepy storytelling. Walks run on Tuesdays at varying times and cost £5 for adults and £3 for kids. There are also city centre ghost walks held at Halloween twice a night from the 28th – 31st October


Ghost Walk of Spice Island – Spice Island is one of the oldest parts of Portsmouth, located at the docks. It gets its name from the seedy reputation of the place which was said to be “the spice of life”. This tour takes you into the world of smugglers, pirates and prostitutes telling tales of murder and ghostly happenings. The tour costs £15 and starts at 9pm on selected nights of the year.

Ghost Walks South Coast – visit Ford Widley’s dark tunnels and explore the world of Victorian Portsmouth, scare yourself silly with interactions with costumed actors and hear ghostly stories of the Victorian underworld. This tour costs £15 and runs on the 27th October 2015 at 7.30pm and 9pm

The Portsmouth Ghost Walk Experience – this theatrical tour lets you discover the ghosts of old Portsmouth, stopping off at The Dolphin, Buckingham House, Felton House and more. Be prepared for scary experiences with live actors! Ghost walks run on selected nights of the year and cost £6 per person – check the website for dates and times


Steel City Ghost Tours – these public walking tours run every week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm from the Town Hall steps with your tour guide, Mr P. Dreadful. The route varies from night to night but you’ll be sure of a frightening time visiting some of the darkest places of Sheffield’s history including classic ghost stories, gruesome and ghoulish tales and the dark tales of the Campo Lane area of town. Tours cost £5 for adults and £2.50 for children but certain tours are not suitable for kids. Please check the website for full details.


Shewsbury Ghost Tours – Shewsbury Visitor Information Centre runs regular ghost walks during the months of October and November. Tours must be booked as a group and cost £45 for the guide.


The Southampton Ghost Walk Experience – a theatrical ghost walk with costumed actors who will guide you through the darker side of Southampton’s history and tell you tales of its most infamous ghosts. Walks take place on selected nights of the year and cost £6 per person. See the website for calendar and to book.

Southampton Ghost Walks – take a journey through the most haunted locations in the city with an experienced tour guide and paranormal investigator. Locations include the Red Lion, Bargate area, and the Underground Vault. Walks start at 7pm and must be booked in advanced. Tickets are £7.50 per person.

St Albans

Ghosts and Ghouls – an exploration of haunted St Albans, visiting sites that are frequented by the town’s most famous ghosts. This tour runs on selected nights of the year and every night in the run-up to Halloween. Tickets cost £4 for adults and £2 for children (£5 for both adults and children on Halloween night). Tours start outside the Old Town Hall at varying times – check the online calendar.


(Also check the listings under Cardiff for more tours)

Tenby Ghost Walk – explore the world of ghosts, witches, fairies, pirates, mysteries and murder in the picturesque seaside town of Tenby. The walk starts from outside the Lifeboat Tavern at 8pm on selected nights of the year – check the timetable on the website for full details.

Bodelwyddan Castle Ghost Walk – Bodelwyddan Castle has been featured on Most Haunted twice and on Ghost Hunters International. The guided walk tours the interior and grounds of the castle, ending in the haunted cellar. Tours run on selected dates of the year at 6pm Tickets cost £10 for adults and £6 for children.


Whitby Ghost Walks with The Man in Black – This 75 minute tour explores Whitby’s spookiest sites while you explore tales of murder and mystery. Tours run every night at 7.30pm from the whale bone arch opposite the Royal Hotel. Booking is not necessary and tickets cost £5 for adults ad £3 for children.

In Search of Dracula – Follow Dracula’s trail of vampires and victims around the streets of Whitby. Tours also depart from the whale bone arch at 7.30pm and cost £5 for adults and £3 for children.

Robin Hood’s Bay Ghost Walk – tour through streets and alleyways into a world of shipwrecks, smugglers, spirits and legend. Walks start from the slipway outside the visitors centre at 8pm on selected dates. Adult tickets cost £5 and children under 13 are £3 – there is no need to book.


The Winchester Ghost Walk Experience – join Winchester’s original Ghost Walk for a theatrical tour around the darkest parts of the city. Visit Winchester Castle, The Tombs, Westgate, The Old Hampshire Chronicle Building and other haunted places. Tours being in The Royal Oak, England’s oldest bar on selected dates and times. Tickets cost £6 per person and pre-booking is recommended but not required.


The Original Ghost Walk of York – A nightly tour of mystery and history, believed to be the world’s first exclusive ghost walk. Tours leave at 8pm from the King’s Arms Pub and costs £5 for adults and £3 for children.

Ghost Hunt of York – This ghost walk runs every night at 7.30pm from The Shambles, led by a frock-coated Victorian guide. Moments of black comedy and audience participation are injected into the classic York ghost stories. Tickets cost £5 for adults and £3 for kids and booking beforehand is not necessary.

The York Ghost Walk Experience – A spooky tour around York led by costumed guides starting from the Roman Column with actors re-enacting some of the darkest moments in York’s history. Tours run every Saturday night and every night from 25th – 31st October from 7pm. Tickets cost £5 for adults and £3 for children. Book online and you can turn up for the tour on any night it runs.

The Ghost Trail of York – A 70-minute tour around the most haunted sites of the city, starting from the Minster every night at 7.30pm. Adult tickets are £4 and kids can join for £2.

Ghost Creeper – Spooky walking tour through the narrow passageways and dark streets of York city in hunt of the ghosts that haunt the living. Tour starts from St. Mary’s Church graveyard every night from July 1st – Halloween and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November – June. The walk starts at 7.30pm and costs £5 for adults and £3 for children.

The York Ghost Bus Tour – A guided creepy bus tour from York station to Clifford’s Tower, York Minster, and Dick Turpin’s grave, among other spooky sites and haunted places. The bus runs every night at 7.30pm and there’s an additional 9pm departure on Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets cost £15 for adults and £10 for children.

Trevor Rooney’s Ghost Walk of York – This ghost walk was established in 1980 and runs every night at 7.30pm from Stonegate. Adult tickets are £6 and children £3.

The Best Halloween Contact Lenses in the UK

Novelty contact lenses are an easy way to transform a run-of-the-mill costume into something really impressively spooky and scary. Not sure that contact lenses would make much difference? Just have a look at the zombie makeup tutorial video on this page and see how the lenses really make the overall look.

A few years back it was really difficult to get special fx contact lenses in the UK and they’d often have to be imported from the USA. Now there is a lot more choice and prices have come down too, making it within everyone’s reach to get some affordable contact lenses to complete their Halloween costume.

Here’s a little roundup I did of some spooky Halloween lenses, all available within the UK at very reasonable prices:

Green cat eye lenses


buy1._V192240163_Dressing up as a cat can be a really quick and simple Halloween costume but you can really transform the look into something special with some carefully applied makeup and most importantly, cat eye contact lenses.

Red contact lenses


buy1._V192240163_Red contact lenses look really creepy and can be used for a wide range of Halloween costume ideas such as zombie, vampire or devil.

White out blind lenses

buy1._V192240163_These lenses will white out your eyes completely, making you look blind. They’re ideal for zombie, corpse bride or dead girl type Halloween costumes and just look really freaky! Or maybe you could go as Arya Stark from the end of Game of Thrones season 5?

Bleeding eyes lenses

buy1._V192240163_The design on these contact lenses makes it look like your eyes are filling up with blood. They’re ideal for zombie or vampire costumes or to freak someone out, just wear them with your normal clothes and act like everything is normal!

amber contact lenses

buy1._V192240163_These amber-coloured contact lense are just perfect if you’re dressing up as Bella Swan or any of the Twilight vampires as it looks like the colour of their eyes when they’ve just feasted on blood. To really freak out your friends you could switch to the red contact lenses later in the night!

Orange glow in the dark contact lenses


buy1._V192240163_Any orange lenses would make a great addition to your Halloween costume but these ones are extra special because they glow in the dark! They’re also available in different colours for different effects. Prepare to scare!

Dilated pupil lenses

buy1._V192240163_These lenses are quite subtle but enough to freak people out without them being sure why at first. They make it look as if you have huge pupils, with a pale gold coloured iris. You could use these lenses with a doll costume to emulate big doll eyes, or with a range of other fancy dress ideas.

Red spiderweb lenses

buy1._V192240163_Plain red lenses not freaky enough for you? try these spiderweb lenses that would look impressive as part of a witch, demon, or spiderman or spidergirl outfit.

White contact lenses

buy1._V192240163_These are simple lenses but one of the most effective looks. Just popping in these lenses will transform you into something truly terrifying. They’re perfect for zombie costumes.

Hypnotic eye lenses

buy1._V192240163_Look into my eyes… these black and white swirly lenses are sure to freak out your friends. Go to your Halloween party as normal and then pop them in while you’re in the bathroom for maximum fright potential!

Black contact lenses51N6XzRjVAL

buy1._V192240163_These plain black lenses are another really freaky look. If you ever watched Buffy the vampire slayer, these make your eyes just like Willow’s when she goes crazy powerful from too much magic. Now there’s an idea for a Halloween costume!

20+ Easy Halloween Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Halloween activities like parties and trick-or-treating can sometimes be a little too overwhelming and scary for the youngest members of the family but there’s no reason why they should miss out on all the fun of Halloween. Along with getting your kids dressed up, there are loads of fun crafts and activities you can do together.

I follow quite a few kids activities and homeschooling blogs and some of them have the most amazing and creative activity ideas and crafts for toddlers and young kids, most of which are really easy to set up and can be done with things you’ll already have lying around the house. There are so many good Halloween-themed activities out there for little ones, I thought I’d compile a post of some of my favourites.

Please let me know if you try any of these and if you have any more ideas – always looking for rainy day ideas to keep kids occupied, especially at this time of the year!

Halloween Sensory Bin


Sensory bins are always a hit with little kids and it’s a good way to keep them quiet and even calm down toddler tantrums. This one has a fun Halloween twist that the kids will love! See Kids Play Box for the full instructions.

Rock Jack-O-Lanterns


These are so cute and easy to make and have lots of play potential when you’ve finished making them- my kids love playing with rocks! See No Time For Flashcards for the full post.

Erupting Pumpkins

erupting pumpkins 65

This one is so much fun! My kids love playing with vinegar and baking soda to make ‘magic potions’ and this is a really fun Halloween variation. See Growing a Jeweled Rose for full details.

Fingerprint Bat outlines


This is a fun art activity that even the smallest toddlers can enjoy taking part in and if you have small kids you’ll probably have these art materials in your house already. Check out Crafty Morning for full details

Papier Maché Pumpkins


This is a great alternative to carving real pumpkins for kids who might not be old enough to enjoy that activity. Small toddlers will enjoy sticking paper onto balloons and then you can have fun decorating them together. You can even cut out faces and turn them into lanterns just like real jack-o-lanterns, or cut the tops of and use them as decorative bowl for Halloween candy. If you want to do this, remember to make them a few days before Halloween so they have time to dry properly. See full details at Family Education.

Sparkly Pumpkins


My 3-year-old just LOVES playiing with sequins, glitter and confetti so I was immediately drawn to this craft. This is a fun pumpkin decorating activity however old your children are and the finished result looks so pretty! See The Imagination Tree for full instructions and ideas.

Make a Monster Mobile


I have about a million toilet roll tubes that I’ve collected for the kids to craft with so I think we’ll definitely be doing this craft this year to use them up! Plus they have pipecleaners and goggly eyes – all things that toddlers love! See Happy Hooligans for full instructions.

Jack-o-lantern squish bag


This is a great sensory activity for babies and young toddlers, with NO MESS! See Fantastic Fun and Learning for more details

Slimy Spaghetti sensory activity


Another sensory activity that toddlers are bound to love but this one is not quite so mess free so you might want to do it outside! See Hands On As We Grow for full instructions.

Halloween Gak


You can’t go wrong with slime, goo and play dough type squishy things to play with and you’ll probably love playing with this “Halloween gak” as much as your kids! See Mess For Less for full recipe.

Halloween sticky table


A fun Halloween art activity that’s easy to set up and you can buy the materials cheaply from the craft section in discount shops like Home Bargains and Poundland. See Fun A Day for full details.

Wrapped up like a mummy


it doesn’t get much simpler than this: wrap your kid in toilet paper for hours of fun! See Teach Preschool for more info.

Apple Pumpkin Prints


Ah good old potato prints. Or apple prints in this case. There’s nothing little kids love more than the chance to print with these cute little stampers and they’re so easy to make – an apple cut in half is shaped just like a pumpkin, making this ideal for Halloween. You can keep the prints and use it as wrapping paper if you want too! Visit Mom in Madison for full instructions.

Kid sized spider web


A fun game that can be played inside or outside by kids of all ages and a good choice for Halloween parties. See Makes and Takes for full details.

Make healthy Halloween snacks


They’ll be getting enough sugar on Halloween night so some ideas for healthy snacks that you can make and eat together are a great idea to keep your little ones busy in the run up to Halloween. Try these spooky ghost bananas and cute tangerine pumpkins (from Family Education)

toilet roll mummies


another fun toilet paper craft from Happy Hooligans. This is a really easy art activity for young kids to make and doubles as a cute Halloween decoration.

Halloween Night Lights


These little lanterns are not only easy for kids to make themselves (with a little help from mum of course!) but they also look great on the table at your Halloween party. See Kids Activities Blog for full instructions.



These are great fun to make and the end result is impressive. All you need is a salad spinner, some paper plates and some ready mixed paint. See Rainy Day Mum for more details.

Paper Bag Halloween Masks


This is one of the easiest Halloween costumes you can make for your child – just cut eye holes in a paper bag and let them decorate it however they want. For a slightly more polished result you can download templates and instructions for a variety of animal masks from Wee Society

Pumpkin bowling

Fall Craft_0003

I’ve seen a few different ideas for Halloween bowling but this is one of the easiest and the cutest – from Jeanetics

Witches Brew


A fun science activity for young kids from Kids Activities Blog. All you need is water and food colouring!

witches hat drip paintings


A fun and messy art activity for young children that’s also a great activity for a children’s Halloween party. See Toddler Approved for more details.

Ghost footprints


Another great idea from Kids Activities Blog. This one could get messy so you might want to think about doing it outside!

Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

Ok I have to admit that the thought of dressing up for Halloween while I was pregnant never even crossed my mind. I did my fair share of dressing them up in cute pumpkin onesies but it was such a struggle finding even normal clothes that fit and were comfortable when I was the size of a house, the idea of wearing a Halloween costume was just unthinkable. However I think if I’d been living in a country that actually celebrated Halloween at the time, I might have got more into the spirit of things.

Plus I found some really cute and funny pregnancy Halloween costumes, especially designed for pregnant women so they’d be just as comfortable as your normal clothing.

If you’re sporting a bump this Halloween, why not consider one of these great costumes. I’d love to see a photo if you have a costume with a bump, so please send me one over!

pumpkin belly


buy1._V192240163_This adult pumpkin costume is an XL one size fits all so is great for pregnant bellies. you could wear it just as it comes or accessorise with some black and orange striped tights and an orange wig.

natashaPumpkin-4Or you could just paint your belly! If you’re pregnant at Halloween, I think you have to do this, even if you just take a photo! Image from maternity gallery

Mother and baby skeleton t-shirt410677q5okL (1)

buy1._V192240163_Variations on this theme seem to be the most popular idea for a maternity Halloween costume and I can see why – it’s cute, it’s easy and comfortable and still a bit spooky and halloweeny. This t-shirt comes in several different colours and sizes and as it’s just a normal tee, you can wear it whenever you want – it doesn’t just have to be for Halloween.

Pregnant nun


buy1._V192240163_Ok so you have to have a bit of a sense of humour to wear this one and maybe be careful who’s going to be at the party so you don’t offend anyone, but you have to admit it’s a funny costume! This one actually comes with a fake belly but you obviously won’t need it. A great anytime costume that can be worn to fancy dress parties at any time of the year.

Baymax Big Hero 6 Costume

415O-aZ144Lbuy1._V192240163_If you’ve reached that stage in your pregnancy where you just feel like a giant blob, embrace it! Halloween onesies like this Big Hero 6 Baymax costume aren’t specifically designed for maternity but it’s big and roomy and comfortable and will actually look better when you’re pregnant. Basically the bigger and rounder you are, the better!

Pregnant zombie

pregnant-zombie-120195-e1409765812166-546x800Well if you really want to freak people out, this is the one! It’s also a really easy costume to create on your own. You just need an old t-shirt and a doll. Full details at coolest homemade costumes


10 Best Halloween Costumes for Babies and Toddlers.

There’s nothing cuter than a little chubby baby or toddler in a Halloween costumes. Some of the best kids costumes this year are for babies and it’s almost making me wish I had another one just so I could have fun dressing them up!

Most toddlers won’t really get the point of Halloween and while some like dressing up, others would rather be naked! You don’t want to have to deal with a grumpy screaming toddler on Halloween night so it’s important to make sure the costumes you buy are comfortable and easy to put on.

Luckily costume designers aren’t stupid and most fancy dress designed for young children is comfortable enough for sleeping in. If you don’t think you can get away with a full blown costume, there are plenty of Halloween-themed onesies and sleepsuits to choose from so you can get into the Halloween spirit with your little one with the minimum of fuss.

1. Skeleton Romper


buy1._V192240163_This romper is made from 100% combed cotton so it will be soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin just like their normal clothing, but it has a spooky skeleton print on it, just perfect for Halloween. It comes in a range of sizes for children aged 3 months – 18 months. This is a really easy way to make a matching mummy and baby costume, as it’s really easy to make or buy a skeleton costume.

2. baby bat costume


buy1._V192240163_This little bat costume is just so adorable! Even better, there is a matching dog costume! If you have a little dog and a baby it would be a crime not to buy these costumes and do a cute Halloween photoshoot together. This costumes comes in either 6-12 months or 12-18 month sizes and has non-slip soles for walking toddlers. It’s lovely and cozy, made of warm soft fabric and with a hood so a great choice if you’re going out trick-or-treating. This outfit will ensure your baby has full attention at your Halloween party!

3. girly pumpkin5191R8p9JGL

buy1._V192240163_This little girl’s pumpkin costume is so pretty and cute for babies and toddlers at Halloween. It comes in different colours and designs including purple and orange or black and orange and there’s a cute skull version as well as pumpkin. It comes in three different sizes and will fit babies from newborn to 12 months old. I really wish this came in bigger sizes as I know my 4-year-old would go crazy over this outfit!

4. Halloween kitty


buy1._V192240163_There’s something really adorable about babies in animal costumes and lets face it, you want them to look cute at Halloween, not scary! This sweet little cat costume comes complete with bow, collar and mouse bracelet. It would also be great to wear for fancy dress parties at any time of the year

5. little vampire


buy1._V192240163_Ok here’s one for the boys! Just imagine how adorable your little man will look in this mini vampire baby costume! (Although that baby looks like he’s wearing eyeliner and I’m not sure I agree with that)! This costume comes with popper fastenings for easy nappy changes and is available in sizes from 6 months to 2 years. I am so tempted to buy this for my little boy right now, even though it would be too small for him!

6. rainbow witch

41y9DkXEx3Lbuy1._V192240163_Witches are always a popular Halloween costume theme and this rainbow witch costume is ideal for toddlers when they get to that age where they insist on dressing themselves. In fact you might want to hide this outfit away after Halloween or you might find that your little girl insists on wearing it every day! This costume fits kids aged 2-3

7. cute pumpkin


buy1._V192240163_Another adorable baby pumpkin costume for your little pumpkin! This cute unisex costume is perfect for both boys and girls. It fits kids aged approx 1-2 years and is made from lovely soft squishy fabric that your little one will love to wear.

8. not-so-scary spider

41MU3pKmFmLbuy1._V192240163_If you sing “Incey Wincey Spider” with your kids, they will love this costume! This is another great addition to the dressing up box and as the sizing is generous, it will be suitable for a couple of years at least. It comes in two different sizes: 1-2 years an 2-3 years.

baby dinosaur

31aJKafnHMLbuy1._V192240163_This super soft and cuddly baby dinosaur costume is sized for babies aged 6-12 months and is just an adorably cute and funny costume for Halloween or any other occasion . Perfect for your little monster!

Little cowboy


buy1._V192240163_I know this cowboy costume is one that my little boy would love. He’s really into Toy Story so he would love the chance to dress up as Woody for Halloween. This costume is for kids aged 2-4 and little boys will just love to dress up in it!

How to Make Your House Scary for Halloween

We’ve already covered some frighteningly spooky ideas for decorating your garden and given you some inspiration if you’re decorating your house on a budget but now it’s time to turn to the interior of your house and make it a truly terrifying setting for your halloween party.

It can get rather expensive if you decorate your whole house for Halloween so it’s best to close off most of the rooms of the house and concentrate your decorating efforts on areas that will make the most impact like the hallway, living room and dining room or kitchen, depending on where you’re serving the food.

If your house is open plan, you can section off areas by hanging up sheets (white or black, depending on the look you’re going for) and these can also help to add to the atmosphere of a a spooky haunted house and can be decorated (with blood splatters, cobwebs etc).

When you’re buying decorations, it’s best to stick to a theme as a mishmash of too many different types of Halloween props will lose their effect. We’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started but of course, it’s up to you to let your imagination run riot and come up with the haunted house of your nightmares.

Serial Killer’s Den

Many people simply don’t believe in ghosts and claim not to find Halloween very scary at all. However, injecting a bit of reality can make for the scariest Halloween ever. For a Halloween party that will scare the pants over even the most sceptical guests, take inspiration from some real life horror and turn your house into a torture chamber.


buy1._V192240163_Of course there’s nothing to stop you leaving real knives and meat cleavers around the house with fake blood stains on them, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for safety reasons. It’s much better  to buy a few of these Halloween garlands and in dim light you won’t even be able to tell the difference between this and the real thing.



A few body parts lying around will also add to the atmosphere and you could try sticking them under the sofa cushions to elicit some real screams. This severed arm looks scarily realistic, or try casually leaving this pack of human entrails on your kitchen counter and then asking one of your guests if they’ll help you to prepare the snacks:


buy1._V192240163_Some severed fingers are also very effective scattered around the place or you could even hide them in the food or drink:



These severed eyeballs are incredibly realistic and a couple incorporated into your Halloween decor are sure to go down with a scream:419vyuz+hQL

buy1._V192240163_If you have a large wall space to cover, the aforementioned sheets with blood splatters works well, or to really freak people out, consider one of these giant scene setters decorating kits that comes in separate sheets so you can use it to decorate several walls and windows:


buy1._V192240163_To complete your serial killer look, set out your buffet table like an operating table with a white tablecloth and some bloody tools like hammers and knives covered in fake blood scattered around (fake ones if possible for safety!) Or to save yourself some time, just get one of these printed drips of blood tablecloths that looks scarily realistic:718jRSu24-L._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_Don’t forget the bathroom! Most guest won’t expect the bathroom to be decorated so they’lll get a real shock when they come in and find something like this:


This is an easy look to create, just fill the bathtub with water and food colouring, add liberal amounts of fake blood and hand prints and use this body parts scene setter on your bathroom tiles:



Gothic Vampire Glamour

If the Halloween chop shop look makes you feel a bit queasy, you might want to look into something with a bit more class like a luxurious gothic vampire theme. Starting with a scene setter like this gothic mansion allows you to redecorate an entire room very cheaply and creates a very effective backdrop for your party:



Next think about adding some accessories. It’s best to keep the lighting dim and add candles for a spooky atmosphere. Some candelabras around the room will really help to add to the gothic effect. You can either go for the cheap plastic Halloween version or invest in the real thing for a really impressive look:51FSvk+fA-Lbuy1._V192240163_517N6Xr8KcLbuy1._V192240163_No vampire lair is complete without some vampire bats lying around so you’ll also want to stock up on rubber bats and hang them from the ceiling:



It helps to finish off the look by making everything look dusty and old and spreading fake cobwebs around liberally.



Make the most of your Halloween table setting by using a rich red satin tablecloth and scattering the tablecloth with these gothic black rose petals:315adK-LI2L._SY355_buy1._V192240163_71vLY7SZ+sL._SL1500_buy1._V192240163_

Don’t forget that vampires love drinking blood and would be sure to have a bottle or two lying around. You could either fill old wine bottles with water and food colouring and make some “blood type” labels, or for a really special look, use some special vampire bottle props as decoration or for serving drinks:



Freaky Halloween House of Horrors

Some of the scariest Halloween decorations don’t really fit into a particular theme but they’re the sort of things that might appear in your worst nightmares – freakish monsters, ghouls, evil symbols and things lurking in the shadows. Decorate your house with these Halloween props and welcome your guests to the freakshow:



This large (3ft) rabid bat is sure to terrify visitors with its flashing red eyes and scary sound effects.


buy1._V192240163_Want to shock and terrify your guests? This lenticular portrait looks like a normal old painting from one angle and then when you move, it turns into the horrifying zombie portrait on the right.


buy1._V192240163_Ready to send guests running and screaming from your home? This life-size spinning, laughing ghost-witch with light-up red eyes looks terrifying hanging from a doorway.


buy1._V192240163_Visitors aren’t even safe from fright when they go to the bathroom – this terrifying decal makes it look like a zombie is trying to escape from your toilet.


buy1._V192240163_you can’t go wrong with a few severed heads hanging around. This one comes in three variations and looks particularly terrifying in a dark room with the door left slightly ajar…