How to Make Your House Scary for Halloween

We’ve already covered some frighteningly spooky ideas for decorating your garden and given you some inspiration if you’re decorating your house on a budget but now it’s time to turn to the interior of your house and make it a truly terrifying setting for your halloween party.

It can get rather expensive if you decorate your whole house for Halloween so it’s best to close off most of the rooms of the house and concentrate your decorating efforts on areas that will make the most impact like the hallway, living room and dining room or kitchen, depending on where you’re serving the food.

If your house is open plan, you can section off areas by hanging up sheets (white or black, depending on the look you’re going for) and these can also help to add to the atmosphere of a a spooky haunted house and can be decorated (with blood splatters, cobwebs etc).

When you’re buying decorations, it’s best to stick to a theme as a mishmash of too many different types of Halloween props will lose their effect. We’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started but of course, it’s up to you to let your imagination run riot and come up with the haunted house of your nightmares.

Serial Killer’s Den

Many people simply don’t believe in ghosts and claim not to find Halloween very scary at all. However, injecting a bit of reality can make for the scariest Halloween ever. For a Halloween party that will scare the pants over even the most sceptical guests, take inspiration from some real life horror and turn your house into a torture chamber.


buy1._V192240163_Of course there’s nothing to stop you leaving real knives and meat cleavers around the house with fake blood stains on them, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for safety reasons. It’s much better  to buy a few of these Halloween garlands and in dim light you won’t even be able to tell the difference between this and the real thing.



A few body parts lying around will also add to the atmosphere and you could try sticking them under the sofa cushions to elicit some real screams. This severed arm looks scarily realistic, or try casually leaving this pack of human entrails on your kitchen counter and then asking one of your guests if they’ll help you to prepare the snacks:


buy1._V192240163_Some severed fingers are also very effective scattered around the place or you could even hide them in the food or drink:



These severed eyeballs are incredibly realistic and a couple incorporated into your Halloween decor are sure to go down with a scream:419vyuz+hQL

buy1._V192240163_If you have a large wall space to cover, the aforementioned sheets with blood splatters works well, or to really freak people out, consider one of these giant scene setters decorating kits that comes in separate sheets so you can use it to decorate several walls and windows:


buy1._V192240163_To complete your serial killer look, set out your buffet table like an operating table with a white tablecloth and some bloody tools like hammers and knives covered in fake blood scattered around (fake ones if possible for safety!) Or to save yourself some time, just get one of these printed drips of blood tablecloths that looks scarily realistic:718jRSu24-L._SL1500_

buy1._V192240163_Don’t forget the bathroom! Most guest won’t expect the bathroom to be decorated so they’lll get a real shock when they come in and find something like this:


This is an easy look to create, just fill the bathtub with water and food colouring, add liberal amounts of fake blood and hand prints and use this body parts scene setter on your bathroom tiles:



Gothic Vampire Glamour

If the Halloween chop shop look makes you feel a bit queasy, you might want to look into something with a bit more class like a luxurious gothic vampire theme. Starting with a scene setter like this gothic mansion allows you to redecorate an entire room very cheaply and creates a very effective backdrop for your party:



Next think about adding some accessories. It’s best to keep the lighting dim and add candles for a spooky atmosphere. Some candelabras around the room will really help to add to the gothic effect. You can either go for the cheap plastic Halloween version or invest in the real thing for a really impressive look:51FSvk+fA-Lbuy1._V192240163_517N6Xr8KcLbuy1._V192240163_No vampire lair is complete without some vampire bats lying around so you’ll also want to stock up on rubber bats and hang them from the ceiling:



It helps to finish off the look by making everything look dusty and old and spreading fake cobwebs around liberally.



Make the most of your Halloween table setting by using a rich red satin tablecloth and scattering the tablecloth with these gothic black rose petals:315adK-LI2L._SY355_buy1._V192240163_71vLY7SZ+sL._SL1500_buy1._V192240163_

Don’t forget that vampires love drinking blood and would be sure to have a bottle or two lying around. You could either fill old wine bottles with water and food colouring and make some “blood type” labels, or for a really special look, use some special vampire bottle props as decoration or for serving drinks:



Freaky Halloween House of Horrors

Some of the scariest Halloween decorations don’t really fit into a particular theme but they’re the sort of things that might appear in your worst nightmares – freakish monsters, ghouls, evil symbols and things lurking in the shadows. Decorate your house with these Halloween props and welcome your guests to the freakshow:



This large (3ft) rabid bat is sure to terrify visitors with its flashing red eyes and scary sound effects.


buy1._V192240163_Want to shock and terrify your guests? This lenticular portrait looks like a normal old painting from one angle and then when you move, it turns into the horrifying zombie portrait on the right.


buy1._V192240163_Ready to send guests running and screaming from your home? This life-size spinning, laughing ghost-witch with light-up red eyes looks terrifying hanging from a doorway.


buy1._V192240163_Visitors aren’t even safe from fright when they go to the bathroom – this terrifying decal makes it look like a zombie is trying to escape from your toilet.


buy1._V192240163_you can’t go wrong with a few severed heads hanging around. This one comes in three variations and looks particularly terrifying in a dark room with the door left slightly ajar…